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Diya Sawhney
@diyasawhney · 0:50

Tell me about your favourite movie?!?

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In his company, she discovers there's a world beyond hospitals, medication, pain and cancer. Their shared passion for books, common fears and heartfelt talks make the two inseparable until death comes knocking. So, yeah, that's all about my favorite movie and I hope you like it. So, yeah, that's all for today as well. I'll meet you next time. Till then. Bye. Have a nice day

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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 0:27


Hi there. It was a great swell. And talking about my own favorite movie is The Persuade of Happiness. It it is a mustwatch movie. And, you know, the protagonist of this movie faces many problems in his life, but but he, you know, ends up being happy with his with his kids and does not give up
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Nishtha Kaushik
@Nishtha_10 · 1:42


Yes, false in Our Stars is absolutely amazing movie. And I've read the novel Ask swell. So the movie did justice to that. And you know, I don't have a particular one favorite movie. I have like a lot. There are some movies you can just can't stop unloving them. They always remain fresh and evergreen in your mind and in your heart. So yeah, I have those kind of movies with me. So that would be quite a few
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