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Hello, everyone. Today I'm with Amal. And basically we're gonna know his life stories in short, like how he traveled to Dubai, and then he went back to Kerala, to his home place. And then, yeah, just his journey. And it's kind of interesting because seeing from a kid's point of view, like how life is like in different schools, in different countries and friends and stuff like that. So let's get started

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amal baiju
@AMAL_Baiju · 1:34
And then I started my 6th grade and it was in Gems. I think it's one of the school of gems, but I don't remember the exact name because it was started with the online classes and I didn't understand. I think with the online class and my mind was empty. Morning I will sit in front of the device and look at the teachers and listen to what the teachers are saying. But at the test level, the periodic test
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 0:14
Okay. That's so interesting. So how is school right now? Like, are you still doing it online? And so what school did you go to? The same school that you used to go to before? How are your friends? Tell us some of that stuff
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amal baiju
@AMAL_Baiju · 0:58
I was I studied there till the fourth grade. Then I went to Dubai and I came back and I started my six standard. And now I'm in seven standard. And my friends, one is Gotham and one is Abhik. And luckily, when I came back, they both were there since the starting of my school in Fresh Nar. They both were there and they were my best friends, best friends. And luckily they were here when I joined the school and a lot changed in the school
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 0:11
Okay, so it looks like you fit in just fine again. But what do you prefer now? The hardest question, or maybe not too hard. I don't know. Do you prefer Dubai or Kerala
amal baiju
@AMAL_Baiju · 1:30
Of course I would like to stay in Dubai. One of the main reason is like over there there's no covet. Everyone is like almost vaccinated. And I'm eagerly waiting for the vaccine. And in Kerala the vaccine is not yet ready for small children. And it seems the school is going to open in Kerala like four small children also. But in Dubai first they vaccinated all of them. Then they opened with 50% occupancy. And they were so careful
Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 0:06
Yeah. Hopefully you can come back to Dubai, man. And if you do come back to Dubai, we'll hang out sometime