Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 4:56

Search For My Tongue

We've been looking at poetry in English literature that's our topic of the term you could say. And every week we basically look at different poems and all of them were good. But this week we looked at a poem called Search for My Tongue. It's a very famous poem by a very famous poet called Sujata. But now I study in a British school. So most of the writers or the poets that we look at are British, and I never really relate to them

Thank you Sujata Bhatt for this amazing poem and for making my English literature lessons enjoyable :)

Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 1:37

@diyapatel264 love this SWELL!

But do you think in that language? And then I was thinking how and when I was in school, I went to seminary where you study theology and faith like God in these different contexts. But people speak all different languages. And sometimes you'll get asked to pray or whatever. And a person they say, pray in your language. And for me, I always love that because when a person speaks or calls the words of whatever their spiritual context is in their language, it just feels different