Diya Patel
@diyapatel264 · 2:00

The real culprit is the one who shook the jar

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Now, obviously, you can you relate to this if political level and in a global level, economical level and all of that. But I want to scale it down a bit and think about a situation in your life that you might have come across or you might actually be facing at the moment where this is exactly the case you're fighting with. For example, your best friend thinking that she's the person to be blamed and your best friend is thinking you're the person to be blank

Can you relate to this?? If so share it as a reply!!

Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 0:51

This is blowing my mind!! Wow! @diyapatel264

Or sometimes we're too angry to realize it. And we don't have patience. We just want to react. But who shook the jar? This is blowing my mind. I don't have a direct example, but I just want to thank you because this is blowing my mind