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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 1:12

My college experience

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So hello everyone. My name is Disha Khandelwal and I'm back with a new cell naming my College life. So our College is a lack of a completely new experience. Raji, look, it's good. So thank you for listening me and I hope you experience. Thank you


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Priyal Kedia
@priyalkedia024 · 0:31


Hi, Disha. Thank you for sharing your College experience. Like, how it will go. It was amazing and new. It was great joy and yes, I mean, so thank you so much. Bye
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Priyanshi Gulati
@Priyanshi29 · 1:32
And whereas people are concerned you will meet different kinds of people with different mindset with different opinions, perspective and you all have to gel up together to sustain of years in life. Some people will stay after College life and some people will leave. Some people you will leave behind in College. So it will all depend on how you gel up with people and just I hope College life will be a good one
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