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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 1:47


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The child who fails to correctly tie his or her shoelaces tries again and again. Lessons are learnt from the failed attempts and the child preserves until the bow is tied and the failure is forgotten. You know, the goal was worth the lessons and failure. The pattern continues for the rest of our lives. To achieve a goal. Often we fail. The old saying at first, if we don't succeed, try again is very true when we want to overcome failure

#sayitonswell #tryharder

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Chanchal singh
@chanchalsingh · 1:03
Hi Disha I hope you are amazing and it's really a great swell. And you said the child is tile is not shoelaces. So by and it's really great listening that you bring this topic and it was a great deal. Thank you and keep posting
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