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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 1:10

Dogs are man's bestfriend 🐶

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When you have a dog, it might be impossible for you to take stress because they seem to sense when their owner is feeling low and they will hug you or lick your face to make you feel good. They are always eager to please in whatever way they can. So at last I would like to conclude myself by saying a quote on dog. A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself. I hope you like it


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Priyal Kedia
@priyalkedia024 · 0:11


Hi Disha this audio is heartwarming. I never own a dog but I know the feeling when you are having a dog you have a best friend and a companion as well
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Nikita Arora
@The_gyaaniKeeda · 0:39
I loved you still Bishop ten years. Dogs are man's best friend. And yeah, I've experienced that. In case you are afraid of dogs, then don't judge every dog and say that this is shampoo and this will be give you teeth on your a**. Don't irritate them and they won't irritate you. Let's come back to the topic. Dogs here are very loyal and even animals like pets, dogs, monkeys, we all have some stuff selfless and unconditional love
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Priyanshi Gulati
@Priyanshi29 · 0:35
So Disha. I do not have a pet dog at my home. But to be very honest, I'm a little scared of dogs and animals. But my friends and my family members who have a pet dog, I know and I've seen very clearly how much they are attached to them and what the bonding seems like
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yashasvi Gupta
@yeswithyashi · 0:33
I agree with the point that dogs are the man's best friend. But it is very hard to see them, you know, goodbye because unlike every life of ten to twelve years, Oti, you know how many bottles that is the very hard thing to say them or goodbye
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