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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 1:33

Personal development

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So hello everyone. My name is Disha Khan Naduan and I'm back with a new swell. So today I'm going to talk about personal development. You know, personal development happens when you finally decide to change the way you live your life for the better. It must be emphasized that the whole process is not only made up of good experiences or formal workshops. I think even the bad experiences can help in pointing a person to the right direction in life

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Sanya Jain
@Sanyaaaa_04 · 0:51
So he think I was going through some bad times, and now I'm good. I'm really good. And it's but I know that I need to get better and better, so but this is one thing that I keep realizing that even if I want to do better, I will make mistakes. And there would be times that each mistake would I don't know how to deal with that because I don't want other people who loved me in the time when I needed to get hurt anymore
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