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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 1:31

Live in the moment 🌟

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But have you ever thought that when you are remembering the past or the future there are some people who are quietly sorting out the papers and analyzing the mistakes and they are growing rapidly in the silence. Living in the moment. First of all is a mood. A happy mood. People should be happy as long as they are alive. Yes, we can also see the brightness of the sun and the charm of the moon

#sayitonswell #progress

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54_Mahak Bansal
@Mahakbansal2004 · 0:19


Hello Disha so really a very nice topic leaving the moment yes a gay PJ past, present, future Joe Otrando up this moment poor that is present us kolib Kara and Baki just go in the wind and nice topic very nice speaking style thank you so much for posting this well I really loved it. Bye
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