G Samson
@disgrace · 1:45

Gold Medal

Giving you space to breathe Secretly afraid you'll leave and will never come back because of what you lack or I lack can't keep track of the pain and the lies and all the hundreds of tribes and times you denied me easily and freely for your own satisfaction Abandoning our natural attraction coming back to me because you empty inside and you can no longer hide how you feel although you've tried I got you mesmerized and you got me shook hooked addicted to the look in your eyes and how you caressed my thighs and the beautiful lies you repeat when we try to deny that we connected in some inexplicable way Why can't we live for today with integrity instead of selfishly only God knows So we go blow for blow till it's time to go back to our corners before going back for more blood and for punishment still loving with pure intent despite the lashes on my back and the bruises on my heart Praying we can start a new book with a prologue of respect, honesty, trust These three pillars are a must because I want to grow roots but you steady do what you do and choose what you choose and I refuse to settle I want it all gold medal hate me or love me choose me or don't Grace is a gift from God so break me you won't