G Samson
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My heart is quiet, my soul discouraged we have withered away there's nothing left to nourish. Our tree is barren fruitless. This hope I was holding on to useless. But a solemn peace echoes through me. At the end of our epic love story, I thought I'd be broken, inconsolable that the crying would be uncontrollable. Instead, I feel clarity and it took 365 days to accept our disparity and my rarity. And you may regret it terribly
Jeri Wonder
@JeriWonder · 4:59

Good not great

What were your most recent triggers this week? And it's like, 100 great things can happen. I can take 100 great breaths in consideration of this person, but there are 500 thoughts in consideration of this person that don't match the good, so it could never be great
Jeri Wonder
@JeriWonder · 4:49

I choose better.

So I'm going to try this again. I am hoping that my stomach does not rumble completely loudly throughout it. Obviously I can't get it all done in one swell, and I wanted to focus on the references that you made about free will and binding, and that really prompted me to think about what would be better. And it reminded me of a book I read and an intention that I set years ago to be captivated and captivating