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Dilipkumar V
@DilipkumarV · 0:38

Normal life affected due to Covid19?

Hey hall, good evening to everyone. Just want to know about the Cowboys 19 situation. What is the current situation about this pandemic in your location and still here in India, cases are increasing and still we are under control. With some conditions from government. We do not travel place to place without a proper region reason. So are we out of danger. And when we can start our normal life without fear

When we can move out without fear.. Peaceful life!

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phil spade
@Phil · 2:10

Spikes in cases in the US

And so that means hunkering down. Unfortunately, so not necessarily hibernating for the winter, but close to it. So that's fine. I have no problem doing that. I'd rather do that than take risks. But I realize it's tough. It is tough. It's not fun. But until there's a vaccine and the vaccine is widely available, I just see this continuing to happen, and I think that will be the case through at least the spring or summer of next year
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