Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official·5mo ago·4:08

Recognitions are Overstated.

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"…But on the other hand we completely forget about those people who have been to the lowest and they are trying to even get back to the flow of life whose flow has been completely disrupted or he had the greatest fall of their life. But then they managed to pull themselves together, get their things back in place and again join the life flow with the full confidence they had. But their recognitions are just lost somewhere.…"

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Shreya Garg

@Shreyagarg2402 · 5mo ago · 3:36

"…I definitely agree on some part of it, but on some part of it, I feel like the person that is on the top may have his own struggle struggles. I believe that everyone in life has struggle. So on reaching that point, I guess he or she also had the struggle, which we don't know about. And we are just thinking about our struggles. Obviously, I understand the fact that people don't generally appreciate them when people hit the rock bottom and then get their backlife together.…"



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