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All the light we cannot see,

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"…I think overall one thing I learned from this book would be to never lose hope. One thing placing me reading this book in my life of timeline. I think this is going to make wonders. I would recommend this to be as a must read for sure because this is the kind of books that doesn't take you away from reality and make you escape from and put you in a fantasy world.…"

The book that upholds hope! Which is your favorite book which made you to hold onto the hope again? #Sayitonswell #AllTheLightWeCannotSee #survival


Divya Bhatia

@Anastasia_9 · 5mo ago · 1:31

"…So this is going to make me cry because really reading about world war is going to make me I am going to cry like I am a person like this. So I read only romance and fantasy which doesn't make me cry. And if I ever read a historical picture, this would be the first book I would ever read and the description was very good. Thank you for posting this book. Thank you for telling me about this book.…"



Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…I mean, really, this kind of books just get me straight and they give me the hope to continuously keep doing great in my life and they make me stronger. So I wish you all the power. And if you try out reading this book, it should definitely make you stronger than you're Everwood.…"

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 5mo ago · 0:20

"…I just wanted to tell you that I have had this book in my life for so many years, really recommended to me by so many people. And I'm literally halfway through it. And then I put it back on my shelf, and you're making me want to take it out again. So look what you did. Here it is on my shelf.…"


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Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…I have to return it back to him by this weekend so I won't be able to keep it on myself the entire time. But this picture on my swell is going stay there the entire time. Thank you so much for replying to this. Well again.…"



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