Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official·8mo ago·3:27

The Love to go song!!! Let's get buzzing!

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"…Probably when you heard that Love is in the Air, I think the music was playing it. We all have a love to go song for sure. And my love to go song is Terry Lee Go song, and I am going to for sure, play it for you. So waiting to hear all your last songs right below. So press the mic button and tell me which is your love to go song.…"

#Musicintheair #Lovebeatsonrhythms #sayitonswell #sayitwithlove


Rahul Kumar

@Wakeuprahul · 8mo ago · 0:33

"…Okay, Chandrika, this was so much mother Bollywood type, like, so much filmy, but, yeah, I completely loved yourself and. Okay, so my song would be Kosur. Yes, there is Alfa Kiyami. I completely love this sale of yours.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 8mo ago · 2:30

"…Thank you, Rahul Mazar and oh, my God, Rahul. This is such an amazing song. Thank you for introducing this to me. Loved hearing it.…"

@Wakeuprahul This song is soul smoothingg🎀


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 8mo ago · 0:06

"…Thank you so much.…"

@Little_mother Thank you!!

Kashish Longiany

@Kashishlongiany · 8mo ago · 0:09

"…Well said. And the song is so beautiful, nice, really nice.…"


Deepanjali ^_^

@Deepanjali · 8mo ago · 0:05

"…Wow Devi that was so nice. Can you please play alcohol for me.…"


Aniket Deshpande

@Aniket_0509 · 8mo ago · 0:13

"…Hey Chandrika. So that song was really great. And my favorite love to go song is perfect by Ed Sheeran. So could you please do that for me.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 8mo ago · 1:51

"…Thank you. Deepanjali and sure, why not here's coming Akum Teri for you. Thank you so much for asking us to play this song.…"

@Deepanjali Thank you for bringing this song up!


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 8mo ago · 3:32

"…Thank you so much. Aniket and sure we would love to play perfect being one of my also one of the favorite songs. Let's hear it. Follow my lead. I found a girl beautiful I never knew you were someone waiting for me Cause we were just kissed when we fell in love not knowing what it was I will not give you Darling just kissing me slow Your heart is too light and in your eyes your hope in my to our favorite song.…"

@Aniket_0509 This was truly perfect for this swellcast 💫


Gajendra N

@Cuddle_bear810 · 8mo ago · 0:13

"…Hey, Chandrika. That song was really amazing. And I'd like to say my love to the song too. That's a Thousand Years by Christina Perry.…"


Ritvik T

@Ritvik_am_i · 8mo ago · 0:10

"…Hey Chandrika, your song was good but listen to mine it's for sure better. My loudest song is from Agent winothe.…"


@Akshitakohli · 6mo ago · 0:03

"…Yeah? Jenny? Like love song.…"


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