Chandrika Devi ;)

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The Art of Witnessing


"…It puts us right back on track of where we left off to continue to do better in our lives. And I think my little way of meditating every now and then is watering the plants I have. And I find it very peaceful and Romansizing again because I think that's when I get time to witness the art of living. Tell me below, how do you like to meditate? Or what are your little ways to burst out distress and bring in meditation in your life? Bye.…"

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Aishwarya Sunil

@aishwaryasunil_ · 6mo ago · 0:22

"…Hi, baby. I really enjoyed your swell. You're such a good writer. You have such a great trip on the language. And I really was inspired hearing you because I realized that there's a lot more to life than to just move forward. I think sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the moments you're in and not just let them pass by.…"

Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 6mo ago · 0:09

"…Thank you. Aishwarya. I'm really glad hearing from you. I'm happy to know that you found my worth inspiring. Your reply on this well sure did make my day.…"


@Akshitakohli · 6mo ago · 0:02

"…Yeah you are right.…"


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