Chandrika Devi ;)

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My lipstick Survivor!

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"…But the best part about this mate lipstick is that it's everlasting made creamy texture and after using this particular product I just could not believe that something can change my day.…" Routines, Vegan lipsticks for smooth and lustrous lips! 💋 #Sayitonswell


54_Mahak Bansal

@Mahakbansal2004 · 4mo ago · 0:41

"…Hello Chandrika Devi, you are doing great in your life and I am very glad that you got a perfect lipstick. And like me, I am also means perfect. Yes. Like you love Matte. I love the nude shades and means they look awesome. And Matte lipsticks are also nice. They are texture, they are creamy. But I am not able to find the correct shade up to now. So I am struggling for that. But I I'm happy for you.…"



shilpee bhalla

@Shilpi-Bhalla · 4mo ago · 0:45

"…Hello Chandrika Devi your suggestion? I will try this brand because I am also struggling with my shades and matte lipstick took a B stain. Stay cut.…"

L Kausar

@LuzuDayum · 4mo ago · 0:54

"…It was really helpful as well. Keep on sharing your recommendations and the products that you love. So that will take inspiration and it will be really helpful for our next purchase. Other than that, it was great listening to you.…"


Tanishq Dabla

@Tanishq.K.Dabla · 4mo ago · 0:32

"…Hi Jamdika It was a really nice audio and it is the first time that I am hearing about vegan lipstick. So it's a completely different thing for me and really impressed how you studio and how you that you told about it. And yes, the other list is but since I want to know about it, I would also refer to to my friends and family. Thank you for that. I been really issued.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

yashasvi Gupta

@yeswithyashi · 4mo ago · 0:26

"…So Hi Sam with us. The lipsticks are vibrated for the lips. The lips remain in dark and you know there's a tiny picture and after that removed there is no uneven skin tone on lips. So I guess we'll be in my back in some few more days after listening to your choice.…"

Tanishka Singh

@Tancy_0818 · 4mo ago · 1:22

"…I have no idea how makeup works and what is the best thing. And my thing is very sensitive, very sensitive. So I have to be very careful with what I take. Also, certain things don't suit me to have to be particular about that as well. So if you are saying that this for you as well, I would love to try it out and I would remove I just have to buy all of this stuff because I have to go somewhere. So I will definitely try it.…"


Savleen Kaur

@SavleenKaur19 · 4mo ago · 0:09

"…Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful product. It sounds really good, especially when it's vegan. And you are saying that it's such a great product. So thank you so much for sharing it.…"

Sanya Jain

@Sanyaaaa_04 · 4mo ago · 0:40

"…Hello Chandraga. It's really great how you created this thing about lipsticks and your life save your favorite brand. Like for me I'm really not into make money hardly really have any knowledge about what all the brands and what all makeup things are there. But lipstick is really common. Thank you for telling me this product I tried on these shades so I have to go to market and actually look out for it. I really have no knowledge about all this. Thank you. Bye.…"

Manalika Das

@Manalika · 4mo ago · 0:51

"…And the fact that it's gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, it's like the best part because all these things really hamper your lips. I've had some lipsticks which had these kind of chemicals and gluten parabens and sulfates and it really made my lips so dry. So now I'll definitely going to check it out. Check your lipstick and check the shades which will suit me the best and definitely going to buy it. Thank you so much. Bye.…"

Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:51

"…Hi I'm your reply on My Spell just Made My day. I mean I do know about the nude lipsticks and for a very brief period of time in my life I was trying nude lipsticks which was quite you know, I didn't know how that went on with the look but I had no other options. I was sticking around with it.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:40

"…Thank you so much for replying to my swear.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:38

"…And thank you so much for listening and replying because this means the world to me right now. I'll be taught use a link of the check in the description. So to go there out and check it out, if you like it, let me know. Thank you for replying once again. Bye.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:42

"…And also I'm equally stunned and surprised about how we're magically this district works because normally it's kind of a hassle for us to find the right one out there. So do let me know if any of your friends and family found this interesting as well.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:35

"…Hi Isha sweet. Thank you so much for replying to my swell about this because this was a very new experience for me and I was quite, you know, doubtful before sharing it out there. But replying to it and acknowledging it really did make it completely worth it. So I know it's listed since kind of like on the brink of it. But yeah, we should do give a chance to every product around us and try them out and find out which suits the best for us.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:52

"…Hi Tancy and thank you so much for applying to this well because you know I was very doubtful while posting this because I normally don't do this kind of stuff and this list, it really really really left a Mark on me and that's why I was more move to make it Das well about this but seeing all the replies and how this is really helpful to you people has just made the result of it really accomplished.…"



Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:27

"…Hey, Savleen, thank you for applying for this. Well and you're most welcome cuz this kind of product, I am very you know, like sensitive of all which what I'm going to put on my face and I barely use such products. But when I use it was just saying this was really something worth sharing and it feels nice that people are listening to it and enjoyed how this really felt like. So you're most welcome and thank you for replying on this twice.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 0:58

"…Hey Sanya and thank you for replying to this well because this really only makes it even more special when I see people out there who are not really into this product and markets niche but they are still glad to know about how this slipstick helped me out and was just a perfect fit for me. So I really think that this was totally worth it by all of your replies and I'm glad that you guys heard it and replied to it.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 1:14

"…So please let me know reply to this and just let me know if any products you want to recommend to me because I truly trust you and this thing shows how much awareness of realize we are as a generation. This lipstick was just magically appeared out of nowhere. So I've attached the link in the description. Do check it out, let me know if you like it or not. And also what Das your views on it, I would really love to hear. Thank you for applying on this.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 1:04

"…So I really do appreciate you replying on my swell and it was nice hearing your point of view about the chemicals and substances that harm our skin on a natural term basis. So yes, that in fact is really a hustle for women out there. You might know if you have related to it. And I like this one. I would really recommend it to anybody I know because this kind of creates a trustworthiness within you and you can really believe a brand as the reality of it just comes across you.…"



Bhavya Arora

@bhavyaarora0007 · 4mo ago · 0:02

"…Amazing. Cute. Good ones.…"


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