Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official·5mo ago·3:32

Ikigai, The Art of Living.


"…I mean I know life gets really difficult sometimes, almost like impossible to jump right back. But then take your time and start doing things you're supposed to be doing because that will lead you somewhere you've never thought of. And last one but my favorite one, we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an R but it's a habit. And I'm pretty sure you have heard saying this from a very great bunch of wise people.…"

The Secret into Japanese Magic of Life! What is your meaning you give to life ?


Tanishq Dabla

@Tanishq.K.Dabla · 5mo ago · 1:05

"…Hi Champika. I really like George Well and really intrigued by how you explained the points, the important part of the book in such an easy and understandable manner. So so thank you for that and really enjoyed it.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 4mo ago · 1:17

"…So read the book, call it by yourself and find out the magic. Once you finish reading the book, do let me know what do you think can be the key highlights of this book in like 5 minutes or less because that's what allows us to do. Do let me know, what do you think and how did you feel after reading the whole book? Because I'll be really intrigued and I would really appreciate already plan on this.…"



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