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Hacks to study! (We all want this)

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"…Try to place it on a Postit note or something and paste it somewhere in your study table or room. So this will remind you that you're supposed to study and your subconscious mind will create a stimulate for you to focus more and study and I think the last topic of today I would like to suggest you to watch something on YouTube like if none of the things are working out and you really want to study but you're not able to focus at all, just go on YouTube type out the topic.…"

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Shruti Singh

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"…So the hacks you have told it sometimes help us to fool our brain, which is very important because while we study, I know we feel boring. And the hacks you have discussed, it really helps us out to get way through it. And these were really amazing and I'm going to try the rest of them. So thank you so much for this amazing. Swell. Have a great day.…"



shilpee bhalla

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"…Hello, David. Whatasuela.…"

Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…Do let me know if in case you have any other ways to deal with Procrastination yourself because I think we all are haunted by Procrastination as the deadliest devil ever do. Let me know know any hacks you do to put away Procrastination and how you put up with your everyday study schedule, it will be great to listen.…"


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Welcome to Swell!

Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…Hello Silpi G thank you so much for replying on my swell Hi Arkai thank you so much for replying on my slow again.…"



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