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Why do you love reading books?

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"…And what is there for them in the book that they just can't stop reading it? And if I am to answer the question of why do I love reading books? In a sentence, I would say books make me think. They make me feel a new emotion, a part of me which is actually growing up. That's why I like reading books. They just challenged me to think something which wasn't even a part of me before.…"

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vaibhav behl

@vaibhavbehl · 5mo ago · 2:53

"…Okay. Now that is a great question. And to be honest, I like the fact given them. You also love reading. So no problem. I am glad my parents helped me a bigger time. The first novel I read was, I guess in 9th Standard. Okay. They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. But I guess sometimes maybe you should. That's how the journey begins and it still is going on. And I hope it never ends.…"


Divya Bhatia

@Anastasia_9 · 5mo ago · 1:53

"…I can just imagine all the scenes happening in the books. Book. So that's my answer. Why do I love reading books.…"

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Samuel Lacuna

@Sarlax · 5mo ago · 1:44

"…Radio and podcast gives you a sort of one for one conversion of a sound reality. And television and film gives you a one for one conversion of a visual and sound reality. But only a book can give you pure symbolism and allow it to unfold and develop within one's own mind. And for that reason, I think that reading is essentially one of the most, if not the most creative ways to both enjoy and create art simultaneously with an author.…"


Ritvik T

@Ritvik_am_i · 5mo ago · 0:18

"…To be very honest, I actually don't love reading books. I don't see the point of it. It's so boring. You just go through pages and read words. What I understand. Movies, TV shows, those who a way better experience, according to me.…"

Fiona Hernandez

@FionaElizabeth · 5mo ago · 0:43

"…Just sharing that is so brave and so courageous. So that's really what I love about reading books. I just love reading about stories. And I think the stories are very, very powerful.…"

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Rachel Liu

@rachell · 5mo ago · 0:50

"…This sounds really cheesy, but I just love reading as an outlet and I hope you all do too.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 5mo ago · 0:45

"…And I'm so happy that I found more people who would love to read, unlike my other friends who just be like, why are you reading? Let's just go out or something. It's just like a comfort thing to do. Just read your home and read. I just love that thing. And thank you for replying. Once again.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…Well your reply just got me thinking and it took me all to a whole different fantasy world. Yes, I understand and I totally relate to you on this level because reading that does that to me as well. And well, FairPoint books have got a magical world and they can take you to places we can't even imagine.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…Samuel and that was a really keen insight about why should one be reading a book and what does the book actually does to a reader, like the way you're looking into the broader perspective of it. And I really appreciate you replying to this. Well, definitely. Books add on to the great edges of imaginations a man can ever have.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 5mo ago · 0:31

"…Hi, Fiona. And very well said. Right. It's just so powerful to know about people. And those words just give me a whole different level of satisfaction. And I truly believe that reading more books just gives to more power to the people out there to tell us their stories and brings the real courage out of them. So that's a really nice motive of you saying that books bring power. Thank you so much for replying to this one. I really we appreciate it. Bye.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

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"…There there Rachel. I mean, really, that is a list of things I love about book as a whole. Thank you so much for putting them all at one place. Isn't that just fascinating? That just a book does so much to us.…"


Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 5mo ago · 0:46

"…Hey Ritzweck. And I'm really fascinated that you brought up this point of view because what you said was actually sort of true. I mean, reading does sound like a boring activity to do. We sure indeed can watch movies, web series, short films and documentaries and whatnot to understand about the topic. But also once upon a time when all of these were not published, they were also just taken from a bunch of words.…"


Anwesa Saha

@Anwesa · 5mo ago · 0:44

"…Hi. First of all, this was an amazing swell. Thank you so much for it. And I'm also a book lover and why I like books, it's because it transformed me into a new world where, like, I get to experience many things which I may not be able to experience in reality. So I I, like venturing into the world of the unknown, that is the imaginary world.…"


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