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Voice of Real Estate

Hi, this is Deval Mavani. I am a real estate guy from Mumbai, India. I help people in real estate, how to buy a property, how to sell a property. They have so many questions about real estate. They do ask me and people are giving false commitment. They are like how to deal with them. So I'll be helping you in all the aspects. Just do ask me whatever questions you have and I'll give you all the details

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Karan Dev
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That's the reason or do you feel like there's been a fall in demand and on the supply side as well? How are prices doing, especially in sort of the newer areas that are coming up
Deval Mavani
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And if we talk about a good years in real estate, so this is the right time where people need to invest in 2021 will get a good I would say tremendous coming three to four years. Thank you