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Derek Pierre
@DerekPierre · 1:43

Why Did You Join Swell?

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And I eventually do want to do it with music and s***, which is probably why you always hear music in the background of my s***, right? It just feels like for anything I could tell you, the music is like my actual personality. Okay? That's just the truth. But I started swell because I saw that it was snippet conversations
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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 2:00
But the voice is the main conduit of the message and that you have five minutes to kind of get to the heart of it. I feel like just in the first whatever, half hour of me browsing, I was like, d***, there's a lot more authenticity here. There's huge potential for, I don't know, really interesting conversations. And it's a really interesting format that I always like to I don't know
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Mark Francis Rahaman
@MarkR · 3:47

It's full of Kpop and you'll only get like if you go live unless you invite people, you only get like one person pop in one or two maybe from the actual platform. What's it like when you go live on Amazon? Is it? Sorry, this is off topic, but I'm interested. Do you get a lot of people from the platform just jumping in onto your radio show? Or are you inviting people like, I am on station here, like friends and family?
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Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 2:47
Hey Derek. The reason I join Swell is that it's a continuation of my exploration into social audio which started about 2016. Like Mark R, I found that the conversations we were having, I was able to develop friendships with people all around the world. And this was in 2016. I was looking for alternative to Twitter, which was I'd been using for many many years, but it was getting kind of toxic
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Dr. J
@Dr.J · 3:45
Someone I know suggested that I join and I didn't take the time to check it out. It wasn't even until recently that I started listening to their swell that they would send links to and I would listen and I liked how short they were. Still wasn't like so old on starting anything because I had done a podcast before. The more traditional types of podcasts where they're really long, I shouldn't say really long, but they're much longer than five minutes
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Nikki Lee
@PinkChroma89 · 0:51

Im a sucker for trying new things

I joined Swell. I guess it was by accident. I was looking for a couple of travel apps, and somehow it just fell into the feed. And I know that everybody's been hit with this podcast bug where everybody and everybody has a mic now, whether it's for good or bad. But I saw as well, and it looked kind of low key and a little more calm than some of these major podcasting and streaming platforms
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Talia Rodriguez
@TRodriguezJD · 0:35
I join Swell because I was looking for another platform to express myself. I am Dyslexic, and English is my second language. A lot of times longer. Podcasts activate my ADHD too. So as a person with different abilities, I do not use the term disabilities. Swell has really been a welcoming place for me. A place where I really have found that audio is super important and a place of accessibility for me
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