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Crystal Uehara
@demiigod · 0:33

#MyProfile | Crystal Uehara

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Hi. My name is Crystal or Kai. I'm an artist, currently in college. I'm also a writer and I'm part of the LGBTQ plus community. Then. Simplest terms. Yeah. I'm mostly just going to post the stories that I write just for fun's. These might as well. Why? Because I feel like it. Yeah. Hope you enjoy tihi


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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:15

#writing #lgbtq

Hey. Welcome as well. That's awesome. There's a great community of people here. Storytellers and poets and authors. So it's always exciting to have someone new in the mix. And yeah, I really look forward to hearing your stories. Thank you for being here
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