Deepanshu Goyal
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Humanity is being Shamed Again 💔💔

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That's why the teachers and these students were bullying him. Passing such bad homophobic and transformic comments somewhere. I felt that teachers should guide students. Even when a student is doing bad to another student, they should teach the wrong kid a lesson and make them understand it is not a right thing. But in this case teachers are also wrong and we lost such an amazing nail artist

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Ramya V
@Ramya · 1:13

Heartbreaking #justiceforarvey

It's utterly disgraceful that in this age and time we seem to be living in such a homophobic and ableist society and ever since I read this news, I have not been able to even sleep at night. What shocks me the most is the silence of the school authorities despite repeated complaints from the student about the harassment that he was facing and all this in spite of his mum being a teacher at the very same school
Gaurav Chauhan
@Gaurav1106 · 2:57

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And still we feel that if kids, kids have to resolve to killing themselves over bullying, over teachers, not listening over the school, pressurizing them into anything. It's just a horrible stance for our country today. It's
Apoorva Khattar
@ApoorvaKhattar2 · 2:33
Lgbt rights have been imposed in India, but people are not at all acceptable, which is very heartbreaking. Bullying being a part of everything. Since so long, people have done numerous things. You Singh and what not. Still there is no supervision, nothing has been done. Still people are bullying. They're not educated about how to treat the other person if they have a different sexuality. Sexuality is not a concern. You are a human. Where is your humanity?
Karan Dev
@Karan.Dev · 1:29
Hey DA Banchu, thank you so much for posting about this. I just came across the story after hearing as well. I think this speaks to how regressive and cruel schooling system can really be to people that marginalized or don't have adequate representation in various communities. It's honestly quite sick. I think there isn't a lot to be said and I think our restore needs to be spread far and wide across India and I hope we can start with this campaign on Square where we spread
Shiladitya Mazumder
@Adi_2000 · 2:22

😔😔 #justiceforarvey

So I think justice should be there for those people who are still getting bullied by others and I think government should take some kind of strict actions on those schools or those persons because if this type of thing still goes on then it will become a blunder for many students because I think after hearing these kinds of news many students will get panicked to talk because if they think that they are getting bullied after saying any words or expressing their feelings then it will be difficult for many students to share their thoughts and feelings
Reeba Rajan
@Rajan.Reeba15 · 2:02

#Great shame to Humanity💔💔

Most importantly before anything be kind to human you never know at what time you can be or your near and dear ones can be in that situation they have to face it being human is the primary thing and sexuality these all things are secondary because before all things you are a human so I hope may his soul rest in peace and have a calm life in other sides and as far as about this issue a straight action should be taken against school management teachers and students too involved in this cruel act. Thank you
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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:17
So what is the real cause? One has to look into what is driving this sort of a culture. Why aren't students being more empathetic to one another? Doesn't this have to start from somewhere? Do we need to introduce empathy and sensitivity as part of the academic curriculum? Only then will this change? I don't know. I'm just aghast
gungun bansal
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It's really not good

Thank you for sharing the story. I really feel sad after hearing this news. This is so brutal. Like we send our children in the schools to learn something to be educated person. But after hearing this, it feels like school is not the right place to send our children there. Like we consider teacher as a mentor and a mentor going to do this like things then how students going to grow. This made the parents really a stub ask swell as the student. It is really not good here
Tanjot Singh
@whothetansin · 1:25
I don't want to be philosophical here. I wish to God that everything gets fine. The generations coming should fill this gap and education and proper education related to these things must be provided and there should be some strict action over bullying and that's all I can say about it. Thank you. Bye
Bhomik Mathur
@Bmat · 2:56
They are laugh that sometimes when a victim tries to complain to the teacher, the teacher just quote, you're not a nursery child. Don't come to me with this complaint of someone BMAT me or doing that. So this is the problem. Okay? Bullying generally happens in higher secondary classes, as in this case. And so what? The general assumption is that the children are big enough and they can't be bullied and such complaints are just considered trivial