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archie lewallen
@deararchie · 2:03

Just what I needed

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And I love that we now have that friendship and that bond where we can still talk about boys and talk about pretty much anything without censorship or jealousy or confusion of what is this? Because we both know what it is. But that's my entry into the love and the title Covet. So good bye


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Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 1:21
So either way, I think that you had a really great experience, and Congratulations on that. And I'm happy that something good came out of it between you and your friend. And who knows what the future and possibilities are for the two of you? I mean, right now, anyone can live anywhere pretty much and work depending on your job. So who knows what your future may hold for you
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Zara Lisbon
@ZLisbon · 1:57
I love the story. I had never heard it before. That's crazy. I love this story. It seems like so much fun and such a fun thing to have a friend that's that good of a friend. That would be like, you guys can be so comfortable doing that. And when I read the caption or the title of this, I was like just what I needed or something like that. I was like, oh, it's probably I read that as sarcastic
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 0:48
That's crazy. That not only were you having to do with covet, but you're also having to deal with a break up nearing covet. And on top of those things, having to learn how to be alone and especially isolating time. That's really inspiring that you may did it through that. And also that's really awesome that you had a friend that had that amazing experience with you to kind of cushion the blow. Yeah, that must have been really life changing
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Jisella (she/her) Saito
@jisellas · 3:05
I think that that feeling in relationships is just such a beautiful feeling when someone is exactly what you need in that moment. And I also think, sorry, I feel like I'm rambling, but I also feel like in a lot of relationships we put this pressure to last forever and that kind of makes us not break up with people that we shouldn't be with anymore
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