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SOCIAL Anxiety - It’s a thing. It’s real. We’re all vulnerable to it. Does it affect you more these day?

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And I did my best not to be inappropriate, but if I was standing next to somebody online, I would just strike up a conversation, and they were delighted and they were happy that I did that. But I don't think we give cues like that right now. I think when we're online for something literally to get a coffee, we tend to be staring at our phone


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@DBPardes i have a love/hate relationship with those events, engagements ans moments!

Hey, Deborah, welcome back. And I was seeing all your swells coming up and listening to you there live. Hear the people in the background, just the energy of it. And actually, I've always I wanted to go to south by Southwest. It falls around the time of my birthday. I feel like it's perfect thing for me to be doing. Also, I hear that Austin is a bump in city
Deborah Pardes
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I think we're all each other's keepers, truly. And I think that's really where that's is. Thank you so much for your contribution here. It's great. Thank you
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Welcome to Swell!

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Pk. I wanted to pick up on something you said that is so fascinating. We project sometimes when someone is around a group of people and they're quiet as being maybe quiet not by choice, but it's so so not the case. Right. You just gave a great example of, like, you're totally chilling. You're in the space, and you could be there all night, not say a word, but there's no level of anxiety. You're just hanging
Liv Blair
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Hi. Thank you so much for inviting me to the conversation. Honestly, this sounds a little counterintuitive, but I feel like I've become less socially anxious, especially because of probate, probably just, like, going to College and being more independent, too. I used to always just be really careful of what I was saying, just very nervous in social situations
Emily Paulin
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I'm one of those people that I will find like a corner to hide out in. But once I actually do take that minute to actually go out of my comfort zone and do something brave and go up to someone and say hello, that really people are looking for that connection. I think that it's hard to do at first because we're always worried that we're intruding on other people's space and do really have anything interesting to say. So that's a really great topic to talk about
Clay Lowe
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That's an interesting one, Deborah. I went on my first train journey this past weekend and at what, two in the b*** years since the Pandemic, the first time on a train. And does it feel kind of weird coming because it was a crowded train? No less than that, but just being in a space with that many people after all these years of not being in that kind of space
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Arina Sen Bakshi
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Well, if you talk about social anxiety, yeah, most of the people actually develop social anxiety during this Panama, the lockdown. I am not the exception. I did develop social anxiety. And right now while I'm talking in front of 1000 people whom I don't know, I don't know, sometimes I am okay, I can talk about it. I can talk about the topic I was actually talking or I want to deliver the speech that I wanted to actually deliver
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Katie Callahan
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So I met a lot of people through social media and eventually kind of got over my fear to hang out with them in person. But it's kind of interesting, like, how desperate I think a lot of us were to meet people, at least College age students once we got up here and we were freshmen during the pandemic when it was at its peak because we were so desperate to meet people
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