Deborah Pardes
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Pete Buttigieg FIRST openly Gay Cabinet Appointee!

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Just a quick announcement about Presidentelect Joe Biden choosing Pete Buttigieg to be his Secretary of Transportation when he is confirmed by the United States Senate. When he he is that must happen. He will be the first out LGBTQIA person to have a permanent position in a presidential Cabinet. This is a great day for equality

A great day for us #change #diversity #progress

phil spade
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The big brain!

But I think Pete would have been an excellent pick for a lot of positions, and I'm glad to see him in this position first and foremost, because he's what we call in New England, wicked smart, and he's just the type of person you really want, attacking some of the problems that are facing us right now, so really happy to see him bring that brain into Washington and definitely expecting big things because he's shown an ability not to back down. So great news
Lianne Goldsmith
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Pete bittigieg

I am so excited that Pete Buttigieg is going to be part of the Cabinet. I think he's a remarkable human being. And I think this is going to be the beginning of so much more, so fantastic
Sudha Varadarajan
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And I'm hoping hence that this is an important position for Biden to bring about the changes for the promises that he made. So really looking forward to this. And Congratulations to Mr. Buttigieg
Neerja Narayanan
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#hope #newworld #petebuttigieg #debhaaland

Hi, Deb, just to tally on to what you said in your swell cast and everyone since it's such an amazing opening of the door and hopefully keeping that door open for everybody else to follow. The first LGBTQ openly gay member, permanent member of the Cabinet. It's amazing
Shawn Schepps
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Of Pete. Pete is adorable and capable and is going to end up becoming President one day. Very happy about Biden. Picking Pete. Very happy about Biden. Now let's just get to January 20
Mark Ward
@AskMarkWard · 1:21

Slayer Pete!

And as a gay man, I'm very proud to have someone like him represent our community because as has already been stated, he is wicked smart. So I have no doubt that Pete will be President someday. I would not be surprised if in 2024 it's not a Harris Buttigieg ticket. But first we have to survive till 2024. Let's just survive the next month. And also anything can happen very quickly in any length of time. So God only knows
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