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AUDIO MEMORIAL: Queen Elizabeth ll Is Dead.

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"…Her first instagram was 2019. She has seen so much change in terms of technology, and she also is somebody who broke so many records as being the first of things. She had a lot of hobbies. She rode horses. She even loved football. She was an Arsenal supporter. Taylor she sent around 50,000 Christmas cards in her day. The list goes on. I'm reading this list right now from National Geographic.…"

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Jeff Cross

@jeffcross222292 · 3w ago · 2:17

"…Thanks so much for posting this. I was actually thinking probably somebody should post something, and I was in the process of getting some information, and then you posted this, so that's very well said. And I'm glad we have some sort of digital reminder of this day. So I think that's great. Digital memories are awesome, and they are the future. So this post potentially could go down in history.…"

Gueen Elizabeth ll

Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 3w ago · 5:00

"…I was a film service waiter when I was an actor for a few years, and I worked for a fantastic company, a really good company, that did most of the high profile parties in London, functions. And so for one year, one summer, I worked in St James's Palace. Once you were in the palace, you're in. So I did serve Prince charles and Camilla served them their dinner and she did walk past me at one function.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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Mark Francis Rahaman

@MarkR · 3w ago · 3:08

"…And I wonder in the States, how everybody feels. Do you guys feel the same way when something happens, like a great leader or Prime Minister or something passes away because it's so large? I think that's one of the things, especially living in London, when things happen, it's really quite concentrated. Yeah.…"


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J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 3w ago · 3:43

"…May her soul rest in peace and may God provide her family comfort in the many days ahead. Right now it's probably a lot of shock and busyness of getting things in order for the throne. But when all of this flurry of activity goes away and you're left on your own and the call stopped coming and the text stopped coming and everyone has moved forward, that's when it hits hard. And so I just pray god gives her family comfort and peace.…"



Shelley Levy

@Shelleytheartis · 3w ago · 2:43

"…So I think we have to give him a chance. And in the meantime, thank you. Man for your service. Rest in peace.…"


Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 3w ago · 2:52

"…And, of course, when Princess Diana died, I was absolutely devastated. Everybody remembers where they were when that happened. And as a little girl, my best friend had a scrapbook with all these pictures of Princess Diana. Little girls in England were in awe and worshiped this figure. So, yeah, it is a sad day. She didn't even make it to 100, which is a shame, because her mother died when she was 100.…"



phil spade

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"…But it was as close as I ever came sitting right in the room next to her Majesty. Now two days later, president Bush actually held a dinner in honor of her majesty at the White House and they invited the winning jockey of the Kentucky derby on street since named Calvin Borrell. And I always think fondly of that because two reasons. It just reminded me how much that her majesty loved horse racing and I love horse racing so we had that in common.…"

My encounter with Her Majesty and thoughts.


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