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Tell me your Grandmother’s name and where she was born.

So I have a question, can you tell me your grandmother's name and where she was born? And it could be a grandmother on either side. So tell me your grandmother's name and where she was born. And this should be a really quick flow and it'd be really fun to hear people's thoughts. I'll start in the next reply

Just to get to know you ... #family #connection #diversity

Deborah Pardes
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Gertrude Quot was born in Minsk, Russia
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Virginia 💗

Virginia Catherine Couch Made a name. Schmidt was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the neighborhood of Oakland, only a few blocks away from Forbes Field. In
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I don't want to be a wet blanket when I say this, but I do want to play the Devil's advocate here about this particular question because given today's circumstances where hackers fishing and social engineering is very common, this is a pretty dangerous question. You are divulging usually the sort of questions that form to you that are the answers. Your secret question for password recovery, et cetera. In various websites. Again, I don't want to be a bed blanket
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Gaury, Mainen, Born in Palakad District of Kerala, a Southern state in India
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Kehkashan = Galaxies

My grandma's name is Keikasha, and she was born in India. Also, I would like to add that her name Keikasha is an Urdu word which means galaxies
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