#TravelDiary | A Day in Tel Aviv

So it's starting with birdsong and sounds of prayer, and it's very dark still, so I'm probably not going to get up soon, but in a few hours, I'll catch you on a train or a bus, I'm not sure which. That will take me from a town called Farsaba into Tel Aviv. I'll go into southern Tel Aviv first, where the galleries are, and then we'll see what happens from there. So, really happy you'll be coming along

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Deborah Pardes
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And this is a high tech area where one of Teva, the medical company, teva pharmaceutical company Teva, has their R and D headquarters. We're passing by it right now right here in Karsaba in Israel. And there are medical buildings here as well. So there's a lot of high tech in this area, and it's just a few minutes away from our suburban community, so it's actually a very nice drive and it's pleasant
Deborah Pardes
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En route to Tel Aviv via bus 149

I guess one of the greatest things about traveling for me when it comes to hopping on buses, is just the trust and the abandonment of control and knowing that you're going to get there somehow, and when you land, you're going to be twirling around a little bit, knowing that you'll figure out your direction at some point. For me, it's also a way to get immersed in the environment without being in a car, because cars sometimes keep you away from the energy
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I'm on Yehuda Haleve, and I'm in front of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It's beautiful. It's got these incredible happy balls, like all these different color balls in this sculpture that rises up in the foyer of the building. But I actually wanted to shoot the main street so you could see it. It's really quiet. Today the eve of a holiday, and I'm just going to keep on walking
Deborah Pardes
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So you can see the length of the road that they have for bikes and razors and pedestrians juxtaposed to a really tall building. It's such a gorgeous day
Deborah Pardes
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Ilit Azoulay

She shoots and then she creates these kind of like I guess it's a mosaic using different framing and different depths of frame. And you get this incredible immersive peek into her brain and it's just amazing. One of these pieces was actually at Tony's house at the wedding. I'm going to try to get a shot of a couple of them and you can zoom in and see. Yeah, it's really, really cool
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To look at the I mean, you're because you could see things, but you don't always notice the things that could make the difference between great art and just great expression. Can you talk about the difference between great art and great expression? Because it's I think I think yeah, I think that art I see a lot of good art that never gets into the right places, and there are reasons for that
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Deborah Pardes
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Working with an artist

And then after a while, when it's good, it's good. And when it starts, it's also okay. There are certain artists that I worked with in the past, and we went to different directions, which is also something that what's your feeling about art, being collected by people and then being in their homes, as opposed to being art that's accessible to the general public who can't afford to buy it?
Deborah Pardes
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Ofir on the political situation

I think that democracy in Israel is problematic because it's not like all the other countries. What we have is the Court and the separation between the courts, the government and the Knesset. The problem in Israel is that the Knesset and the government is the same people, not like in America
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Taylor Swift, they have these really cool, like, little plaques with all the stars on it. They do like Taylor Swift here's. I can get a smoothie with vodka in it. Oh, my God. These are oh, my God, they look so good. They have these cookies with delicious soft centers. I'm walking by. I'm not going to get oh, this is a spicy thing. Oh, I want to show you the spices
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This is a spice section here. There's so many size sections, but I'm just gonna shoot the one that's here. Hold on. Let me get that shot. Oh, my God. Such beautiful, colorful spices. It makes you want to paint. Just to keep this rolling as I walk. I don't I think it's the soundscape is amazing. Yes
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The Mediterranean Sea

You hear all these, like, yelps when you're in the water. You don't yelp, but people seem to yelp. You hear yelps. I think it's just excitement. I don't know, but I'm listening right now, and there's, like random yelps. Anyway, it's beautiful. I'm walking away from it now, but I'll be back there at some point while I'm here. So that was the Mediterranean Sea
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Out what happens when you meander sometimes you bump into things you want to see. And I just bumped into the Butcheva dance hall and studio, and I'm just all these young dancers around me who are obviously coming from class. For those of you don't know about the Butcheva Dance company, it was established in the it's one of the best places in the world to study and to understand contemporary dance. And it was started by a woman named baroness Batcheva del D. Rothschild
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Under 1000

L Yell is here. And tell me about the movement that these Gallerists have to preserve at least the semblance of a culture that's still here. Well, the concept of our gallery is that we put a top limit of the price up to $1,000. And in that way we can allow newer and up and coming artists to have a platform to start showing their art and get recognition. Yeah
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To end the day with Leo!

It's. So I've hit my 15,000 steps and I'm in a bus and I'm heading back. I just saw my godson. Oh, Jesus, my Godson. Was great to see him. He's here for six months, and I got to see where he lives and super fun. And now we're just on the bus and I'm heading back and that's Tel Aviv. I hope you can come here and do the city. It's really fun. This was fun