Can Healing Ourselves Heal the World?

And I thought it would be really appropriate to wrap this whole month up with a conversation with Tony Jones, who is the founder of the world's first self help book club called Shelf Help. And I'll post her Instagram here

Let’s talk about the Infinit journey of inside / outside conversations. #brenebrown Welcome Toni Jones

Toni Jones
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So making that as good and as positive as possible, bringing out the best in ourselves. And then from that, the ripple effect that I've seen in the work I've done on myself and I see with our community, it's just huge. So, yeah, if we want to heal other people, if we want to heal the world, it starts with healing ourself
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Or did you go to the comfort of strangers through meet up or I guess a little moment to understand that part of your life so that you might inspire others to do that? That would be amazing to hear that part of your journey. Thank you so much
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Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it takes months, sometimes you heal yourself internally and when internally you are healed, then only the external layer is reflected in the world out there. So it's a pace, it's a journey, it takes its own time. Time. But healing the world will only happen when we as an individual are healed at our own individual level
Toni Jones
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That's what really inspired me to start a book club that like I started. I'd never been to a book club before, but I was reading these books. I was learning all this stuff, and I wanted to share the information. I did try and talk to my current friends, my real friends, about it. And nobody was quite as interested as I wanted them to be. So starting the book club is definitely a way to meet new people that were into this stuff
Toni Jones
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She is awesome and she's a total live wire. And this book is cool. It's all about finding your tribe. And she talks about consciously creating the kind of dream list of your dream friends, like you might do with a partner you're visualizing or calling that perfect partner in. We don't really do that for friends. So quite often we end up with friends just because we grew up with them or because we live near them. She talks about a story in the book
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And your second swell about the books, I'm going to write them all down, of course. And I think people listening will also do that. I also want to put a link here for those of you listening to the about section of Tony's website. She's got two abouts. One is kind of short and one is much longer. And again, really generous of you to take us on your journey
Toni Jones
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I mean, I don't think guru needs to have a negative connotation, but people, I suppose, proclaiming themselves as the person that has all the answers should probably set off some alarm bells because nobody has all the answers for everybody, do they? But I think you're right. Quite often we do put these people on a pedestal because we want them to have the answers. We want them to tell us how to feel better and because we don't necessarily know
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@ToniShelfHelp 🙏🙏

When you have a book and you're allowing all those words and those stories and those ideas to go through you, it becomes part of your DNA, if you will like part of your being. For anyone who's listening, I think that the work Tony is doing with the shelf help paradigm is really beautiful and contagious, and you have her links. And it's just been Tony, it's been so great to connect with you here
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Might be