Deborah Pardes

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Swellcasting and Podcasting : When giving voice to an idea - when are conversations better than one-way communications?

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"…But I don't want to restrict our ability to pontificate and keep on talking. But I want to suggest that sometimes what we say in an hour, we could have said in five minutes. Now, the other thing that's interesting about podcasts is they have that dynamic of back and forth when you have a guest, boom boom, boom, boom boom. Nothing like it. And with Swell, I've done that before, but I've held my phone between somebody and we've had that.…"

Is short form, interactive social audio good for all content or just some? @GivingVoice


Lakresha F.

@LAF.Consulting · 2mo ago · 2:20

"…Let's get to the point of how you're feeling, what you're putting out here, et cetera. But in some topics, maybe podcast is the way to go because it allows for a dialogue to just kind of take place where a few people, however many, can speak back and forth. You're getting the different perspectives right then and there. You're kind of getting these different angles that you may get in different forms.…"



Paul OMahony

@omaniblog · 2mo ago · 4:40

"…Oh Deborah, I hope you have a good time down in Texas and I hope that you find it fruitful and come away with some good connections with people doing interesting things and perhaps you'll even find some people to bring over here into Swell and have conversations with them. Eura is a huge topic, at least it seems huge to me. And it's one that I've often thought about because I've been using my voice on the internet since 2008.…"


Greg Hislop

@TheCribPod · 2mo ago · 1:10

"…Yeah, just speaking for myself, for my podcast, we kind of divide divide all the questions up. I try to keep it half an hour because I do agree. Read that. Like, there's a lot of stuff that you can actually say in a shorter amount of time. So each topic on the podcast, it does go for about three to five minutes and then we go on to the next topic.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 4:35

"…Hello Deborah. Interesting subject matter here and swell casting versus podcasting. Honestly, I would even wager as caught kind of all the same thing. It just depends depends on your level of experience and expertise because I've heard some people come up on here and they feel that this is a podcast for them and why shouldn't it feel like that?…"



Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 2mo ago · 3:29

"…But I am ADHD, so spectrum got to come into it at some stage. Good topic. Deborah. Good questions. Have fun in Texas. Yo, you got a big hat.…"

@DBPardes Recipe Analogy


Darol Tuttle

@daroltuttle · 2mo ago · 2:00

"…But when you have an expertise that is particular or niche, sometimes it just has to be a vomit, lack of a better word of information. And so I'm on my way to Dallas. Maybe I can meet you. That'd be cool. And this is the very first swell I've ever done, so I hope I do it right.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 2:11

"…Hey, Darol, you did it so right. I'm about to get in a cab to go to Dallas as well. I definitely will find you. But to your point about expertise, you know, the iteration of a concept really it fascinates me. So you can have an expert start us.…"

@daroltuttle @GeorgieDee

Darol Tuttle

@daroltuttle · 2mo ago · 2:22

"…My flight is delayed. I'm in Houston, and there's Thunderstorms in Dallas, and so I'm in a bar. Of course, I could literally rent a car and drive to Dallas faster than I'm gonna get if I could just get on this flight. Right. But the interesting question to me is not to take away from your question, because I think that they are related, but I'm an introvert, and so I'm experiencing a little bit of anxiety about it.…"



Eric Owens

@EricG · 2mo ago · 4:53

"…One of the big benefits of beyond just doing voice, one of the big benefits of being on YouTube is that you can see them. You can see their facial expressions. You feel like even though you're not physically there, I'm a part of the conversation. I'm hearing what these two people are talking about. And that's really fun. It has its place.…"


Paul OMahony

@omaniblog · 1mo ago · 5:00

"…But, for example, could A Tale of Two Cities have been written more concisely and brought down into a short story? Just to pick that one? Our Pride and Prejudice. Could we have converted that into a short story? Could we cut some of these, The Godfather film down into a ten minute version?…"


Paul OMahony

@omaniblog · 1mo ago · 3:04

"…I think it's a matter of beside the point. I don't really like phone calls. They interrupt my day enormously. And you find yourself trapped in having to have a conversation with somebody at a time which hasn't been planned.…"

Nikki rae

@nikkirae · 1mo ago · 2:42

"…For a long, slow cast, you can kind of listen as many times as you need, really let it sink in, digest it, and organize your own thoughts before you interact and before you reply and before you engage in the conversation versus like podcasting kind of just that one person popping off about their subject. And then in real life, there's that response time that's lagging.…"

Key differences #swellcasting #podcasting

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1mo ago · 1:11

"…And again, this is another moment we could celebrate this idea of speaking into this space, knowing that someone is going to hear us, and yet we can take a moment to listen back to their response, a nuance of our voice, to make sure they don't misinterpret anything we're saying. So, yeah, I'm with you 100%. Thank you for your apply and I'm looking forward to hearing more of you on Swell as well, from wherever you are.…"


Nikki rae

@nikkirae · 1mo ago · 0:31

"…I was so sure I was going to get away with not having anything in the background.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

@WholesomeHenri · 1mo ago · 0:46

"…But whether it be watching a YouTube video and commenting down below or even listening to a podcasters forum, writing an article about a podcast, I think I hear my daughter coming up the stairs, so I'm going to give her a hug. I'm going to stop. There 40 something seconds, but thanks for this.…"

Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 1mo ago · 4:06

"…You're just figuring out, where is this headed to? And likewise, like, there are many books, but if you're looking for a short, quick, snap, get on with it kind of a mindset, then you read different authors. So horses for courses, whatever works for you. That's the platform and choice of content that you use. And some people begin with the end in mind in the sense they have a specific target audience to which the content is tailored.…"

"…And it's not even really about feedback. It's about getting listeners. It's about speaking to an audience. So you have to rethink of you have to come up with content that are, I don't know, maybe an hour long, 2 hours long. You have to be really consistent. And I feel like when it comes to podcast, you do have to be a little bit more creative because it's a different way when it comes to attracting listeners.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4w ago · 1:10

"…It's a really cool way of staying in touch with the content you care about. I'm going to actually be doing that this month. Is going through the last two years of stuff I've put up and seeing if there's something that really still matters to me. That enough of and bringing that in to this space. So that's what I'm going to do. I hope you're doing well and appreciate your response here.…"


Mark R Fitness

@Markrfitness · 3w ago · 4:53

"…As you know, I'm using it privately with groups and that's working really well because they are asking questions within each subject, something else. And this might be coming or might not be. But you know. Like if you I was talking to somebody about this and it might be coming. I don't know if it is or not. But the walkie talkie feature so if you had a walkietalkie feature on here and you could turn it on or off. Use the walkietalkie feature or not.…"

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 3w ago · 1:57

"…So the only way I would ever integrate from my own perspective, a walkie talkie world, it would be only in the private world, and it would have to be recorded in snippets, also in five minutes, because I want the archive of things that happen to be in my thread, or else I can just call you up on the phone. And that's just fine, and that's what we do.…"


Mark R Fitness

@Markrfitness · 3w ago · 1:31

"…Hey, Deborah. Thanks for your reply. Yeah. You know, I've had time to think about this before I replied and really think about the uniqueness of well, where you can take your time and not rush it into things. When I said live, I didn't mean a live room, as in a clubhouse style. We've got enough of those everywhere else. I just meant, like, live notification that somebody is on the platform.…"


Paul OMahony

@omaniblog · 3w ago · 2:04

"…And when I heard you talking about wanting to preserve rather than just let it all disappear in a flurry, I thought, oh, good. If I understand Deborah right, we were thinking we value the preservation of what is, in effect, people's best shot at communicating whatever it is they want to communicate. I like your way of thinking. So that I'm signing out for the night.…"



Eluchianna Olive

@Luchianna · 2w ago · 3:15

"…It's just a great way where you get people in their truest form, pure and talking and not trying to get ahead of the game but bring better understanding, better awareness. It's such a powerful app. A great way. And I think more people are you have people that go on a rent that's a place here, but it's more controlled. You leave people with hope, expectations. I, too, will go back and be able to read or respond to someone.…"


zeba sahib

@Sahibzaaadi · 3d ago · 2:13

"…But now that I am more confident about myself, which I was when I was younger and I am more comfortable having a conversation about anything, I am better with respect to my mental health. I think swell cast helps because it is a two way conversation. And yes, you have to hear someone out before you talk. That is very essential. Generally in a conversation we tend to cut people short and start giving advices. Here you can't do that.…"


corinne isabella

@corinneisabella · 3d ago · 3:37

"…I can't say. I've never been on a podcast yet. Looking forward to when I can and just interacting again. It's another way of interacting and communicating. I'm looking forward to the chance that I get as soon as that can come. What a great swell. I appreciate that. And I feel like I'm amongst the elite in this group that you have, because I am such a newbie but swelling girl. I'm 100% on board with that.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2d ago · 0:44

"…Thank you so much.…"

@corinneisabella @Sahibzaaadi


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