TIME OUT!!!! Are you taking enough of it? Gen talks about READING as a go to chill out habit.

I want to invite somebody who just got through with a house full of people having COVID so she knows about time out, forced or unforced. Genevieve Toronto is known as Jen the Bookworm, and she is an avid reader, a photographer, a wife, a mother, and she has a really active, beautiful group of people on Instagram who are loving reading. And I'm just happy to have you here, Jen, and join us in this conversation

How can we prioritize taking a breath amidst the chaos? Welcome Gen the Bookworm! https://instagram.com/genthebookworm #brenebrown @genthebookworm

Genevieve Trono
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And I had a four year old and a two year old and our two year old would sleep only in the car. And so I would drive him around while our older son was at preschool. And I would listen to Britain's books. And they were the first books that I'd ever read where she's like a highly educated person that also expressed that she didn't have it all figured out and she probably never would. And it was so relatable for me
Deborah Pardes
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@genthebookworm the habit of reading

Can you speak to that in regard to your own reading habits and when they developed and kind of roll that back into this quote, which is about taking time and knowing the preciousness of time? Can you combine those two and let us know how you began as a reader and how all this is baked into one kind of gestalt? I would say I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on this
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Genevieve Trono
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And my childhood ended up having some really hard things happen within my family unit. And books were, like the continuous thing that were always there for me throughout some really traumatic times. And I always remember that I was never, like, told what to read. And I had that autonomy that really I was able to read something that I connected with or something that I just was reading to escape or to feel less alone
Deborah Pardes
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Advice to others to build the reading habit around purpose vs pleasure

I'm really interested in seeing how people approach reading with regard to taking a time out. So let's see where this comes conversation goes. It's really great to hear from you. And if you also just have advice for new readers, I'd love for you to share that and how to build a good habit of reading and what you think that takes
Genevieve Trono
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Hi, Deborah. I love that you point out the part about reading where you're reading for pleasure. I love reading to learn. I love reading to connect with or people that maybe I don't encounter as much in my daily life. And all of that is really wonderful. But that is not usually the kind of reading that I go to when I want to escape or just read for pleasure. And both of those kinds of reading are so important and I think should be celebrated
Genevieve Trono
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You don't have to love a book even if somebody else loves it. And I think the easiest way to get trapped in feeling like you don't like reading is reading the wrong book. And you're only going to find out the books that you like if you put down the ones you don't like. And that is okay. There's no shame in stopping a book, even if it's one that everybody loves. I didn't love where the crawdad thing?
Bowie Rowan
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And I still have to really give myself permission to let a book go if it's not really resonating with me or I'm not feeling drawn to it and also trusting that there are some books where maybe the moment isn't right, but in the future it will be a good fit and I can always come back to it. So thank you you for sharing and really excited to hear more of your bookish conversations as well
greta laundy
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I just wanted to reply to you, Deborah, when you were talking about what people's reflections are on Brennan Brown's quote about never has she once regretted having a time out at home or work. That's really true. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves to constantly perform and be on and be in the moment and being able to respond straight away to someone's demands or a heightened emotion or something. And we're actually not equipped biologically to do that all the time