We can’t afford to have bad apples

I'm reposting a comment that a user named Neerja put in a conversation about police brutality. And it's worth listening to. It's so common sense, and it just relieves me of all my pain because it helps frame things so beautifully. I'd like to start this well for us to talk about the concept of bad apples and the double standards we have for different industries. So we know we can't have bad apples, as she says as pilots, because it can kill thousands of people

https://app.swell.life/swellcast/QNnT why accepting bad apples is one industry and not another is a bad idea #criticalthinking @neerja

Neerja Narayanan
@Neerja · 0:25
Thank you for sharing this. Deborah. I find that that comparison is the simplest straight arrow as the Crow flies route to getting people to understand this basic issue. People who serve and protect are meant to serve and protect. And that comparison and analogy is the easiest way to understand that. So thanks for reposting