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I'm starting a swell about tips and tricks. And what I mean by tips and tricks is, I mean, other things that you think that you do, that someone else might not be doing, something that can give us a sense sense of how you innovate on the most basic thing to make it work for something that you do with it that you normally wouldn't do with it. There's lots of books written about this

Life hacks? You have some? Collecting them here #innovation #lifehack #collaboration

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:42

Dental Floss in my garden!

Okay. Here's my first tip and trick. I use dental floss in my garden a lot. It's perfect. It's just strong enough to help a delicate flower go on its way. And I have a lot of dental floss, actually, for some reason, I get it from dentist or something. I don't know. So I use dental floss to tie things up. There you go. That's my tip and trick. Use dental floss to secure things other than your teeth
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:28

Stretching while listening to Swell! #stretching

Look at me. I have a second tip and you haven't even tipped yet. Second tip. When I listen to swells, I put my phone down and I do some kind of floor exercise so that I'm exercising or stretching or doing something while I listen to my swells and everyone talking and listening to their beautiful voices kind of helps me get into my rhythm when I do something so stretching while you swell, that's a tip
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

suvinda srikant
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What mommies do to filter out rhymes playing non-stop on Alexa #toddlermom

That was a wonderful tip. Stretching. Well, listening to Swells. I was having this conversation with Zoe, too. She's another pro user of Swell here. I kind of don't like my voice at all, especially the way it comes through on audio. So I go to the kitchen pantry to record myself. I kind of like that voice better than my usual voice. So my kitchen pantry is my new Swell recording studio
suvinda srikant
@Suvinda · 1:03


Well, going back to original question and this time I am not in my recording studio. A life hack or a tip would be to not throw away the used to steam vegetables or soup leftover from another day. Use that to make your dough. I'm from India originally and we eat a lot of flat bread and you mix wheat flour and make dough to make the flatbread. I always use water or soup from the previous day to make my dough. It's nutritious because it is vegetable stock
Holly Rothschild
@Dance · 1:26
And then sometimes I like to think about moving from the synovial fluid, like the fluids in between my joints. And I like to observe how different I feel and how my senses are so different and how I'm taking in my environment when I'm moving through those awarenesses. Try it. It's a very nice sensory exercise
Alasdair Munn
@Alasdair · 1:03
So I haven't lost a sock since. And what I do is I simply pair my socks. When I take them off, before I put them in the wash basket, I pair them. And then when I get them down to the wash before I throw them in, I unpair them. And guess what. At the end of the wash cycle, I don't have any odd socks. So that's my little swell tip and trick around not losing single socks. You
Erika Schon
@Riki · 1:06
My tip and trick is a gardening one. I got this tip from my mom who clipped an article about home gardening, so I'm going to give full credit to whoever wrote the article in some random newspaper. Okay, instead of planting your basil from seeds, which I do every year, and it takes a month and a half to establish a two inch basil plant, we can take a basil sprig from the grocery store that's at least two or three inches long
Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 0:48

How to read more books?

My tip is a bookish tip on how to read more books. And this one actually I got from reading a different article. It's very obvious, but substitute your social media time take out even a half an hour. Or if you can an hour of your social media Facebook out of your schedule and make that book reading time. So at night, if you're doing social media, don't do that. Instead, read a book and just this substitution alone will help increase your book reading numbers