Deborah Pardes

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DIFFERENTLY VERBAL? : Let’s talk about stuttering and your rights and opportunities with podcaster Maya Chupkov

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"…And she took 29 years to come out as a stutterer, and she talks about so much of the coming out experience, but she also kind of pushes the conversation forward to look at how society is keeping people from their rights, how people who have stutters can step into a stronger place and get themselves more agency and find community and do anything they want to do.…"

Here’s her site: @proudstutter


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 3w ago · 2:49

"…I don't see Maya's response yet, but I find this highly fascinating and I will definitely return to hear just how she got her start and some of the other questions that you're asking of the guest expert. And the reason why I am passionate about this topic is because I am a parent of a son who stutters, but he stutters proudly.…"

Vineeth Vincent

@VineethVincent · 3w ago · 2:12

"…And now, since this topic came up, I'm actually going to send him a little voice note after this on WhatsApp and ask him how he's he overcame that. So this got me thinking. Thank you for this topic, Deb. Thank you for bringing it up. I'm super excited to see what Maya has to say. Very interested to listen to this one. Bye.…"

Maya Chupkov

@proudstutter · 1w ago · 4:57

"…We all have different goals for our stutter, and every school is okay, whether we want to work on fluency, whether we just want to work on confidence building. But, yeah, I really recommend listening to the show because there's just so many nuanced conversations. And we have this new thing for season two where we bring in an ally who doesn't stutter to help us interview the stuttering guest. And that has just opened up the conversation around stuttering immensely.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1w ago · 1:32

"…It's in the actual doing that you start vibing with yourself and hearing yourself and just day after day getting more and more confident. It's so cool. Do you have any advice for people who maybe people who are caretaking other people and loving other people who stutter, who would never even broach this kind of environment? Do you have any advice to help people support and be advocates? Because I know until someone's ready, no one else can help them.…"


Maya Chupkov

@proudstutter · 1w ago · 3:14

"…And so just be aware and be thoughtful that a lot of us may have a speech difference. And so, yeah, that would be my advice. And also, of course, definitely join the starting awareness campaign, which will be posted either later this week or next week and sign up so you could get that episode. It's a really beautiful one.…"



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