Belonging to ourselves before belonging to others

I think this conversation is so relevant to what I think is a trend these days is for people to join sides and want to belong to a group, to help affirm their stance in the world, to help affirm that they exist, that they belong to something. It's a primal need. We are sort of tribal as people, but we have to go to ourselves to know who we are before we pronounce who we are in the world. Right. Lots to talk about here, to unpack here

Grounding in our own truth first- a good start? Welcome Karin Ammerlaan PhD #brenebrown Karin’s site: @karinammerlaan

Karin Ammerlaan
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Hi Deborah. And also Hi. Swell community. Thank you for inviting me into this conversation about a beautiful topic and a beautiful quote by one of my favorites, Brene Brown. Well shortly introduce myself. I am Karin Amalin. It is a very Dutch name, Karin Emerald. You would pronounce it, I think in English and I studied law. I had a master's in law and after my Masters I went into this PhD journey
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How we behave in crisis.

But the anchor, the core of who we are is really, I think what you're speaking to is letting people know that this is my truth and can you handle it, and can you love it? The second part of my response is a question to you. I didn't know that you studied victimhood, and I really want to ask you this question, which has to do with belonging
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And I think when we are growing up, we lose some kind of magic attached to wanting to be very serious, wanting to be very professional. And it leaves well, it's kind of sometimes we're like this caged beings. And to reconnect with inner child stuff like playing or fooling around or just expressing humor, I think it's a great way to rediscover what it is you're made of. I love that. So this is part one
Karin Ammerlaan
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So this also explains what happens in the direct aftermath of such a terror, such a horror, such an evil act inflicted upon humanity, inflicted upon States. What you see is these victims. They are normal people experiencing this abnormal disaster, this abnormal event and terrorism of course is a crime which is afflicted also upon not only the direct victims but also upon a country. So there is a real and it was heartfelt wound and I think all countries felt it
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A human being @karinammerlaan

We had to find an enemy, but it was the opposite of what we were feeling in our homes. We were afraid of more violence. We wanted just things to feel safe again. And it was a very base feeling. I remember. Yeah, I love the way the world mourned with us. I thought it was a beautiful time for that, and I felt like a member of the human race