Deborah Pardes

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Sitting on a Sunday: Feeling the Awe instead of Knowing the Why


"…Sometimes the grip keeps us from the being. And I think a bird just passed with a big nut in its mouth. It was sort of perfect. I wish I caught that for you. Anyway. Good morning. Happy Sunday. And to all that are seeking understanding, I hope we have moments of just awe and gentleness around what we don't know.…"

Trying this on for size


Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 2mo ago · 2:01

"…Deborah, I want to say thank you because I listened to this yesterday or sometime on the weekend, and I thought, man, you've been so grumpy lately, Georgie, because you're not happy with what's going on at work. I've got strategies in place, but, you know, it's still not a great situation. And the solution will be a while coming. It's not an instantaneous thing. And I've just been so negative at work, just vociferous, even.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 2:12

"…And I'm sorry. And I hear you. I feel you. And I could have gotten shot in the face, of course, but it was a good guy. He was a utility worker, actually.…"



Swell Team

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Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 2mo ago · 2:38

"…So these lines try and capture the mood of the times that we live in and the chaos that surrounds us and how the pain around us is draining our minds and the will to keep moving it ends hoping to smell the distant petri core of hope neutrality and of the beliefs that we have which keep us going. So here it goes.…"

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 0:14

"…I'll take that splash of hope any day. That was so beautiful. Thank you so much. I'm sitting in the airport with my ear to the phone, and I listened intently. Thank you so much.…"



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