Do you connect being Vulnerable with being deeply creative?

But the idea is that if you create a safe place where people can be themselves, then the productivity and creativity and innovation explode. I wanted to speak with somebody about this today who is an incredibly prolific artist in Australia. And Greta Laundry is somebody who has so many full hearted fans who love her work. When you go to her Instagram, you see just this beautiful grid of work, the use of color, the use of shape. It's stunning

Opening up to to opening up.. welcome Greta #brenebrown @gretalaundyart

Even thermodynamics...

So you may have to bear with me. I'm also reading Atlas of the Heart, but at the same time I'm reading a book by an autistic author called An Outsider's Guide to Humans and I've synthesize some of these ideas and I don't know where each one has come from, but there you go. There's my Disclaimer. Well, some of the specifics or the degree of specifics are tied to autism. I think they can apply to just about anybody
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Thanks, Deborah, for your really great questions. Wow. Vulnerability is really important to me in my arts practice because it's about integrity of my vision and speaking my truth. And it's about having courage, the courage to be honest and to make connections with other people
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The other thing I was thinking about, Deborah, is I probably didn't make this completely clear. The idea of creativity and being vulnerable. I think that you you as an artist, you have to be very vulnerable in your practice because it's an extension of who you are. And with that, I guess the way I think about it is my life experiences and what I draw on are fairly universal I think so. That's why I think a lot of people can relate to what I do
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When somebody is vulnerable, it ripples and it enables us to accompany them and also change some of our own choices in terms of are we going to be vulnerable now because this person was and I think it's an incredible opportunity for growth and for connection, both growth and connection and creativity and productivity and being in a flow. But I don't think it's a solo experience
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Context. Context is definitely everything in terms of being vulnerable and being safe. I don't believe we can just put ourselves out there and randomly to anyone and everyone. I think it's important that you kind of read the situation. You read the context. I tend to be more vulnerable around people I feel safe with. And even though on Instagram, I certainly don't know all my followers, but I'm vulnerable to a point where I feel comfortable sharing myself without completely revealing myself


It's funny when I think about it, can a hermit experience vulnerability? Does that concept even exist in a hermit's life? And I'd hazard to say no. It's about that relation between us and someone else or a group or perceived group, et cetera, et cetera. I almost think of it as a synergistic energy or entity or something. Right. That is sort of inspired by fueled by each other
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Being vulnerable is amazing

It was just real, honest emotion that I felt from her. And I knew that she was hurting. And I told my sister in law and my sister inlaw talked to me about it, and she said she's like, because I told her. I said, Gosh, I've never seen your mom that upset. I've known her for 20 years. That's a long time to know somebody. I said, Gosh, I've never seen her so upset