The Continuity of Kindness [ Do you believe in its power? ]

And if you look a little closer at how that person shows up in the world, a lot of times, you can see that they're actually doing life in a way that people recognize as, wow, that person is showing up in the world in a good way


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@DBPardes Projecting kindness and live from our soul

And it's wonderful to see that people in the world are not as bad or I don't even think about people actually change even if they want to think wrong, they are unable to when they are in the presence of such kindness and love. Th
Ophelia Johnson
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How are you walking in this world?

I think that it does trigger something in them to recognize that the gift you've given them, maybe by a smile or by a friendly gesture or by some words of advice, some words of kindness. I think that it allows them to see that and then possibly project it back. I say that in terms of I don't believe that anyone should be forgotten
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Karan Dev
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Wow. Deb, I really like how this is framed because kindness should be a continuum. You know, you should be kind no matter what. And it shouldn't be a sporadic response based on or your mood or how you're feeling in a given moment. And part of it is also being kind to yourself, because if you're kind to yourself, you can be kind to others. And I know that I find it hard
Sontaia Briggs
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@DBPardes this was beautiful

Personally, I think people do this idea of Karma to me. Karma, faith, all these sort of things you can't nail into the ground are very hard to lock into. But we're all energy. A lot of people say that on here we're energy and we're giving off energy. Energy can be light, dark, not dark in the sense of how we use it in a global, oppressive world way. But like, opposite of good. So good, bad
Deborah Pardes
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And all of you have sort of confirmed, I guess my gut, which is around what we do is we percussive out into the world and it comes back to us in some ways, very obviously, in some ways, not so obviously. And PK your last comment about believing in luck versus not looking at fate, looking at higher powers and things like that. I think it's so seasonal for a lot of people, depending upon how the world is treating them, how they're viewing the world
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@Karan.Dev you are courageous

If somebody hit my car, I think the first thing I was like, oh, God, how much damage, what I got to pay? What do I got to do? But you're right. In the end, it's more about the other person. And if they're okay, and I really like what you had to say, very authentic and open. And it's so appreciated. I love when people are aware of themselves and they're work that they want to do on themselves
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@DBPardes a question for you

Hi, Deborah, and everyone who has participated in this world for these great ideas and really beautiful thoughts in this conversation. And Deborah, I definitely agree. I think how you show up in the world is important and being kind and thoughtful to people is something you should do regardless. As Karen said, it should not be for the reward of the reciprocal behavior, but it should be how you go out and act in the world. So definitely agree with that
Deborah Pardes
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And I think the randomness comes from the fact that life is more like a slinky than a circle. It's always moving in a direction on an axis of time that has also challenges of being in that space of that person, for them to come back and be kind to you when you were kind to them. I think about the way of sort of being kind to strangers