Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes·1mo ago·1:21

To me LIZ CHENEY is the perfect republican. Here’s why…

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"…But she's strong and she has stood against Trump. Now the people in Wyoming are pummeling her because of this, and she's probably not going to win. She probably won't get into Congress again because of it. But I just want to say here and now that I wish my utopian world is that every Republican becomes a Liz Cheney and pushes this megalomaniac out.…"

Maybe you might not wanna have coffee with her – but are you feeling good about her right now?


TJ mclaughlin

@natchril · 1mo ago · 0:06

"…Miss Jeanne is the perfect useful idiot.…"

Ray Garraud

@RookieRunnerPod · 1mo ago · 0:34

"…I think regardless of one s political leanings, liz Cheney is a courageous person who is taking a stand for truth, decency and the facts, something that is terribly lacking in the Republican Party these days. I also think that history will treat her kindly as her selfless search, and taking a stance for what is right will become even more apparent as time passes. As Winston Church Hill once said, truth crushed to earth shall rise again.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Brian Marshall K.

@XcellenceCoach · 1mo ago · 4:57

"…This issue regarding this training, maybe it's different for people who are American and live in America, but for the longest time outside looking in, we always thought the Republicans and the Democrats and there are certain nuances that go along with each party.…"


Erika Schon

@Riki · 1mo ago · 0:57

"…Great thoughts, everybody. In responding to Debra's post, I am also proud of Louis Cheney, regardless of the political party you are aligned with, she risked everything and spoke truth to power. And it seems that today so many politicians are just interested in getting reelected and will take the party line just to secure votes. And she knew she was risking her reelection. She did lose, sadly, but she showed us courage within the party.…"


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