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"…Leah Carey wrote an opinion piece for NBC Today about her experience being in an elevator in Las Vegas after people thought that there was an active shooter. The focus of her articles about mental health. And I wanted to start as well to ask you about your mental health in relation to the fear of being around an area where there's an active shooter. I'm asking because Lia's experience kind of ended in a weird way because it wasn't an active shooter.…"

A false alarm that was actually very real


Debra Barb

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"…And I think for younger people, it's really hard to understand how that's possible, right? So that's hard for me to witness, to witness the students who are struggling with all of that or any of it. And I will say probably the most haunting experience that I've had that does impact my mental health. I see visually, when I visually see things, they do stick with me.…"


"…And the year that there was the shooting in Orlando and there were a few others that had happened too, was particularly difficult. I know that getting onto the plane, I felt a lot of anxiety, but I still felt relatively okay. Right. I could manage it.…"



Deborah Pardes

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"…Well, I think it's so interesting that the two of you specifically talked about the visual stuff that sticks in our memory, whether we see it or whether we just imagined it. Our minds are so powerful that we conjure up an image piece together by stuff we see, but also stuff we imagine. And it's sticky. And I think that is interesting to think about how to unstick that.…"

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Debra Barb

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"…And so if you do this sort of eye movement in a therapeutic setting with the right kinds of conversations and questions and intentions and intentional visualizations, I should say that you can also do the same sort of reprocessing while you're awake. And I didn't really have too much hope that this would be an effective thing. I didn't really, I guess, believe I shouldn't say I didn't have hope. I had tons of hope, but I didn't have a lot of confidence.…"

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"…And there was already a very tense atmosphere within the thousands of people that were there for the sorry, it was a World Series of poker. And so there's people from all over the world and it was a tense time within the US at the time. And then everyone is sort of coming in uneasy and so it was sort of a weird vibe. And then you add in the strange noises of things dropping or crashing and I'm in this space that aligns with this visual.…"

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Krystle Marshall

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"…If we're supposed to abide by the rules and the regulations of this nation, excuse me, why not sit there and be considerate of people that's out here being afraid and being locked up in their house because they don't know how to deal with the gun violence in their cities and in their states? And it's not fair. It's not fair. It's not fair to the people. It's not fair to the families that are losing their loved ones. It's just downright wrong.…"


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Christina Kaos

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"…So much like rumple. I honestly feel desensitized. Desensitized in a sense where when you see them on when I see them on the news, it's not shocking anymore. And it's disturbing to me how unshocked I am that there's a different shooting. It feels like weekly at this point. I remember when Columbine was a big deal and we talked about it for weeks and weeks because it was such an anomaly. It was so crazy that these kids would do such a thing.…"


Deborah Pardes

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"…I think that's a practice that some people are better at than others. Like people that are oncologists or activists, and they're around horror and terror a lot, but they keep the boundaries so they could stay alive in that space and not be removed, but have that sacred ability to go into another mindset, to have a good, healthy, happy life. And I think we're all doing that.…"

Debra Barb

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"…So it's an interesting thing for me, as a nonparent, to hear a parent perspective and just the reality of how education is changing, how our schools have absolutely changed since we were there, and they probably due to what the pandemic has brought about, we'll just continue to evolve and change. I really hope, for the sake of your mental health and for just the safety and well being of your kiddo, that we figure something out. I hope we do.…"


Leah Carey

@GoodGirlsTalk · 2mo ago · 4:42

"…And that's what hearing you say that you don't think it really affects you made me think of is it possible that it actually affects you a lot, but because you're so used to it, because it's such a constant for you that maybe you don't even notice it? Whereas those of us I think I was in my early to mid 20s when columbine happened. There was definitely a before and after.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 1:29

"…Music. I love the question about the fish and the water, knowing if you're in it. And I think those of us who create content are so aware that you want to create music and not noise and to learn what that is and to know that people need to obviously create their own filter system so they're not constantly in this din of noise and stuff that causes anxiety. It's such an exercise.…"

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Xenia Barnes

@Coachbarnesgmt · 2mo ago · 3:56

"…The balance starts once the gun is picked up and whether that is trauma for the person who is holding it or trauma for the person that's facing it. Either way it creates a valid space in both person's mind. So the balance is already created before the bullet leaves the chamber. The balance in the trauma is active at that point and so there's not a lot of research on that and I definitely want to shed light on that.…"

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 2:11

"…It always fascinates me when people can rise from pain like you have. And getting your PhD in this whole world of understanding how to navigate with people, their very winding roads towards coming out of trauma is such important work. And I've been following your swell cast, and I've really been enjoying it. And I'm just so grateful that everybody is so different. Their experience is so different. And when you talk about when violence starts and when it starts forming as a force.…"


Xenia Barnes

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"…And like I said, if you want to have the right to legally build their arms, if you have a weapon so that a hunting rifle or something like that, where you're going hunting and you're hunting animals or whatever it is that you're hunting, not people.…"


Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…Yeah, it's unfortunate that in this country, the violence I don't know what's causing this. There is something wrong with our society, and I think we need to start looking into our mental we need to start looking into our health carey system, our mental health carey. We need to start putting funding back into the mental health carey, take some of that military money, some that military budget or somewhere, and put it towards mental health. Something needs to change.…"


Deborah Pardes

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"…To Marcus. You really bring home such an important point about the mental health obviously is declining in this country. But if you look at at the moment you describe as an unarmed security guard and how unsafe you feel. I want to draw attention to how the British police are not armed. There's about 6000 police officers and only about 200 have guns. And gun violence deeply contrasts the gun violence in a major city in this country.…"


Tanishi Singhal

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"…I really don't know what is right or wrong in this situation but for my own safety I would like to carey a gun but it might affect the mental health of some like my family who's living with me because my brother was really afraid of guns and everything so yeah. That's a very weird decision to make.…"

Debra Barb

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