Darshan Parmar

@Darshan_parmar·2mo ago·3:03

The unforgettable love - my 1st c drama

TVCollege Voice India 🇮🇳

"…This is basically a drama where an arranged marriage or I can say contractual marriage turns into a love between two people. I regret just binge watching this series in just three days but I make sure it doesn't happen again because I just want to enjoy this type of series as much as I can.…"

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punitha B R

@Pooh · 2mo ago · 0:39

"…Thank you so much for inviting me. And to be very honest, I'm not at all a fan of Kramer She drama, whatever it is, because I I don't watch much of of them and I have no clue as to what it is and how it goes. But then I've heard that it's good. So probably in the future I might try to feet or not, I'm not sure about it, but then, yeah. Thank you so much for inviting me.…"


Tanya Mahajan

@Tanya30 · 1mo ago · 0:55

"…Hi the oceans. First of all, I really liked your review on the C drama. So this is the drama that I have been looking all over but I was not able to find the title of this drama. I have watched some Reeves and I really wanted to watch this drama but I was not able to get what is titled. I even Googled and sold everywhere. But thanks to you that I finally got its name so that I can watch it.…"


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