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Danielle Lonnon
@DameDivaDan · 0:34

I just bought a M1 Mac mini - has anyone else bought the new Apple M1 chip?

article image placeholderMy new Mac Mini with the M1 chip.
And also if anyone else has bought any amazing things or peripherals to plug into their Apple to make it work even better, like USB C Hubs or Thunderbolt Four hubs. Let me know

#Apple #Mac #MacMini #M1 #Thinderbolt4 #USBC

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:45
Hey, Danielle, it's so funny that you posted this, like, two or three days ago. I was actually on what you would call, I guess, a YouTube rabbit hole watching videos about this, trying to learn what I what I can. I was thinking, thinking about maybe getting one, but I don't know
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Danielle Lonnon
@DameDivaDan · 1:05

@taylor I will definitely keep you updated. I too have an older ❤️ MBP

What I've noticed is that all of the native apps run really well, but the third party plugins for those native apps are yet to be optimized for this new architecture. I also went and bought a 1 TB external SSD, which I found to be really amazing because everything that I don't want on the hard disk drive, I can just drag on to this solid state drive and use that as extra storage. And I found that to be really, really useful and everything works really fast
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