#AskSwell Bill Maher will return to the air during writer's strike: Is this the right move?

article image placeholderHBO's 'Real Time with Bill Maher' to return during Writers Guild strike
I am not too familiar with strikes or ever having never been a part of one, but curious as to whether this actually would help force parties to the table and come to a conclusion, or is this just something you do not like to see? I am very curious as to what you think of Bill Maher's decision to return to the air


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Mark Lesser
@marklesserart · 1:30
Not all of them, but some of them. So he is bringing some people back to work, but it's also bringing a network, a streamer service back to making some money from the show. So it is crossing the picket line. So maybe it depends on what he does with the money that he makes from the show, what's he doing with it waiting till February. It's a long time, and this is a tricky situation
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:55
And look, I mean, in this particular industry, I've been in and around Hollywood my entire life, being labeled a scab is a death sentence for the most part. For people like Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher, I'm not so sure. But for the little people air quotes, that is not something you want to do. It's an easy way for you to not get work again. So huge props to Paul Shearer for spreading the word about this ebay auction
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@FateSlicer815 · 4:55

We live in weird times

And he spins the sign and you have to ask yourself, what do you think is going to hit you in the head that makes you wear this hard hat? What is it, like an asteroid? Like there's nothing out there. So I guess one guy got hurt and so now it's it one guy had a light pole fall on him. And now for all of time they got to have the soft, slow sign guy wearing a hard hat out there
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Theo Seibold
@itsTOW · 4:47
Hey, it's Theo. Thank you so much for posting this. And I say this as a fan of Bill Maher. I get what he might be doing. And, you know, yes, five months is a long time for entertainment, not to be put out as it was and all that. And ultimately, you know, sooner or later, something's going to have to change. Sooner or later, this drags obviously going to have to end
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phil spade
@Phil · 1:25

Maher announces pause: Was it progress or backlash?

Now, this has led to a lot of speculation on social media that it is a backtrack, that he is doing this because of the backlash that he has been facing from so many people. Now, he's not been the only one. Drew Barrymore has been getting lambasted all over the place. And I really don't know whether to believe Bill Maher at his reasoning or not, or whether it is because he's been taking absolute heat for announcing that he is returning
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