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 · 3yr ago · 0:53

Politics: What can you do with $1,200? 💸

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"…Hi, everyone. It's Rachel. I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday today. I wanted to talk about some finance, so it looks like the Republicans and Democrats reportedly agree on a second set of a one time $1,200 stimulus check being sent out. But as you can see from the data in this article, $1200 isn't enough to pay rent in a lot of places. So what's the point? I guess I'm wondering, is $1,200 better than nothing?…"

On stimulus checks & rent https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/09/1200-stimulus-checks-could-be-coming-for-many-they-wont-cover-rent.html

Taylor J

@Taylor · 3yr ago · 2:05

Hush money

"…But you can see kind of where their head is at when they're thinking about this money. And as somebody who has family that's in Canada and sees the way that they've been taken care of, I got to say it's really disheartening to know that the moment something goes wrong here, we just immediately print money for billionaires and Wall Street and bail out all these large corporations. And then we give peanuts to the so called little people.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 3yr ago · 1:54

"…$1200 feels like practically nothing, especially if you are unemployed or underemployed. In most cities I live in what would be considered a quote, unquote affordable city comparatively, when thinking about places like New York, San Francisco, La, Chicago, and $1,200 would cover my rent and barely anything else. And that's living in a place that is rent controlled and was technically considered low income housing when I first moved into it. So that just feels absurd to me.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 3yr ago · 2:19

"…And so most of the people I know here in Los Angeles just continued to pay their mortgage and had to dip into their savings. If they had a savings, the cost of rent here $1,200 would not cover a one bedroom in a remotely nice area or what you would consider a remotely nice area. Many of people that I've worked with live in a standard two bedroom apartment with a roommate. And that apartment costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 3yr ago · 0:44


"…I also wanted to add a link to the Canadian government's website where they break down the stimulus package that they passed. And it kind of saddens me that there's not really anything like this for the United States. At least I went to Google and Typed in Canadian stimulus package after I just left. That swell. And this is the first thing that popped up this link that I'm providing you.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 3yr ago · 0:27

"…Never mind just found the link for the United States, but it's on the Treasury Department's website and I guess which is a little unsettling and it's nowhere near as detailed as the Canadian one, but it's there there it's just further down on Google results, which is bizarre. I don't quite understand what makes that happen. Why the Canadian one just shows up right away and ours is kind of buried in search results. But there you go.…"

Brooke C.

@Brooke415 · 3yr ago · 1:05

"…I get the feeling that someone else is going to bring up my point cause. Or maybe it's just me. It seems like common sense to have not a one time stimulus payment of 1200 that, you know, it doesn't do much for more than one month and which I didn't receive the first time. I don't know if I'll get the second time. So it's kind of a bust if I were to get it.…"



@maxdog417 · 3yr ago · 0:36

Marcus maxwell thought s

"…My thoughts on the similar check money. I think they're sending that money out because all the people who have passed away and died, it's blood money for all the dead bodies. So that's why they send the money out. Don't think because I don't really see I mean, it's going to help towards something, but I don't really see it's like I don't know. I don't really understand it out. I either.…"

Nobody Special

@nobuddy · 3yr ago · 1:42

Invest. ( #Free rent?) Trillions in debt and great depression coming soon!

"…My question is, what would you do with the $1200? My thought was always towards investing for those who have been able to keep their job or continue working, even in the midst of COVID that they can still manage through friends, through social media. What have you people pulling together for a common purpose, whatever that is.…"


michelle heiselt

@Sezzel · 3yr ago · 0:47

"…I don't agree with everything that Trump does, and I don't know if I like him personally as our leader. However, anyone's going to mess it up that gets in there. Can you imagine trying to direct the whole country.…"

Burning Bridges show

@BBSHOW · 3yr ago · 0:18

Stimulus ? Hell nah , hush money. Goebbels would be proud.

"…What can you get for $1,200? You're going to buy American's right to free assembly and Americans right to practice their religion freely and openly. All for the low price of one $200. That wasn't a similar. That was hush money. And it worked perfectly.…"

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