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 · 3yr ago · 0:44

Election 2020: "He's against God."

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"…Hey, everyone, it's Rachel. Happy Friday. So some of you may have already seen the video in which Trump declares that Biden is against God. You can read the article and watch the video that covers a bit more of it linked here if you haven't seen or heard it yet. But what I was really interested in talking about today is do you think that this is a successful, successful strategy leading into the election this November, focusing on guns and God?…"

Will guns and God be enough for Trump to win this November? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-biden-religion-attack_n_5f2ce19bc5b6b9cff7ef8f09


Taylor J

@Taylor · 3yr ago · 0:49

A Hail Mary play? Pun intended.

"…We know that Trump and Pence are both very popular with the evangelical community, and I think that right now they're trying to sort of put all of the eggs in that basket, so to speak, it seems like a sort of desperate attempt to hang on. I don't think it's going going to work the way that they expect it to. But ultimately, we have to wait and find out.…"


June Adams

@EvoPodcast · 3yr ago · 1:12

"…And those Christians aren't going for it. So to keep his base, just like Hallieu says, keep his base. Sure. Yeah. To keep all that ready. But the newer generation aren't as religious. That wouldn't really help them. But I don't really necessarily know. I think he wants to say that to sow a seed. I think that's him sowing a seed for later events to unfold. So I think that's what it is.…"

Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 3yr ago · 2:06

"…The old God play. It's not surprising. The only thing that's surprising is that this still might work in 2020. I mean, we would hope we'd be past this, but now and that something like this would carry no currency whatsoever. But who knows? I think the one thing we know at this point is that we don't know anything as it pertains to politics and what works and what doesn't there are no rules anymore, right?…"


York Campbell

@York · 3yr ago · 0:37

Law and Order

"…I think the Republicans strength is law and order. And if Trump is smart, he should focus in on that rather than guns and religion. Right now, there is a huge situation, huge problems going going on with the protesters. Some of them have turned violent. And you could see that if you watch YouTube, with all of the government buildings and businesses being burned down. So I think he should focus in on that lawn order. This is York from the Poetic Earthlings Podcast.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 3yr ago · 2:42

If he gets people to react and respond, has he accomplished his goal?

"…It's that reaction that's getting people talking about him. People don't think about it. They just kind of feel and they feel one way or the other. They're either agitated or they're supportive. So in this case, I think he has been successful and it sounds crazy. But I think he's successful. And what he's done here is that he's gotten people to talk about this and he's got his name out there and he's got a reaction.…"


Meranda Troutt

@MerTroutt · 3yr ago · 0:14

@Phil 🤗

"…Okay. Threads over. Phil said it. He said exactly what I want to say, but I'm terrible at speaking most of the time. Usually I don't get my points across nearly as eloquent. So thank you, Phil.…"


Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 3yr ago · 1:02

It’s all about misdirection. We are talking about something non covid

"…The only thing I wanted to add to what you said was the other thing he successfully done is gotten our attention off of the Corbett crisis, right? He doesn't want anybody to be talking about the COVID crisis, which is his big weak point so that's his usual formula distract elsewhere and get your attention the thing that really needs attention.…"


Tammy J

@TammyJ · 3yr ago · 3:00

Yes. But God and guns won't be the only things to get him re-elected...

"…Okay. Will will guns and God be enough Trump to win. It definitely, definitely. But I don't think that that's going to be all that will get him the election. I think that he's got a track record. It at this point of getting results. And he has done some pretty amazing things since he's been in office. What he did in North Korea alone was mind blowing to me. We have had issues with them for as long as I can remember.…"


Matthieu Hallieu

@Matthew.procNEW · 3yr ago · 1:46

No he won't

"…Hi. I certainly do not think he will be, and I certainly hope he will not be. I think it's idiotic, really. And so childishly, immature can't blame children, though these are, after all, adults here in our government. I am appalled. Really. I think when you look at European governments, Southern and Northern, they're so much more progressive and away from the childish ideas that we are. I mean guns and God.…"


Matthieu Hallieu

@Matthew.procNEW · 3yr ago · 1:52

Well spoken

"…I don't think that someone's you know, so to speak religion, their faith, which has often been used to prop up dictatorships, which also have no intention of being faithful ethical practitioners of any religion or faithful ethical practices of non religion. But ethical, in fairness to you, like Hitler, the foolish people that went to Church are the main reason that he became a dictator. So you're right. And the foolishness really needs to stop.…"

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