#AskSwell Should Caitlin Clark be selected for the US Olympic team?

Now, you might ask why they can't have a camp that involves college players and pro players, but the timing just doesn't really work out. Right after the NCAA tournament, you go straight into the draft, and you go straight into the WNBA season, preseason, and now we're set to begin the WNBA season. So, really, the tryout over the next month will probably be the first games of Caitlin Clark's career in the WNBA


Evelyn Phipps
@LadyFi · 1:25
However, she never had any tryouts. So, like you said, you know, are they going to have a personal one for her? And if they do, does that set a precedence that they can do that for everyone that they just want to throw on the team? I don't know. I mean, it is something to think about. At the Olympics, we're supposed to send our best of the best. Well, she's one of the best. One of the best
R. Porchia
@Block24Media · 1:51


I think Caitlin Clark should absolutely be on the Olympic team. I think what she's doing for women's sports, already we're seeing a change in televised games. I think, if I'm not mistaken, I just saw a report of a Las Vegas Aces player getting a deal with Nike. I think all of this is because of Caitlin Clark and, you know, and Juju Watkins and all these girls that are coming along now, and they're, they are changing the game

Women’s sports and the transitional period

This is going all the way back to, you know, like, the modern era of boxing and basketball. Whatever you choose to discuss, a racial component will always be very, very prevalent in the decision making of who gets pushed, who gets prioritized, and who gets presented the most. And I think it's good for our country, and I think it's good for the sport of women's basketball to have an elite player like Caitlin Clark