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Is listening to an audiobook the same as reading one?

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You. Hey, Swelzes. Happy Saturday. I have a question for you. I'm wondering if you think listening to an audiobook counts the same as reading the print version of said book. Some people have really strong feelings about this. I want to know what your feelings are. So hit me back. Bye. It Bye


Tanya Coles
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One I should finish in no time while I'm there, and another one I should be able to make significant progress in. So I'm looking forward to carrying my books with me. I also find that when I have a paperback book in my hand, it creates good conversation because people are curious about what you're reading and they want to know more about what you're reading. So, yeah, I love having paperback books, and I have collected them. I've given them away
Nisah Khan
@Nisahs_Audio · 3:36
I feel like it's an add on, right? That's my stance on audiobook, because they've been quite helpful when I'm reading assigned literature from college classes or textbooks, and I just don't have the energy to go through it. So I need someone to read it to me. And I think audiobooks are a great way for easy access to those who don't have the ability to just to sit down and read a book for long periods of time
Curtis Tarver
@cwt302 · 3:40
I did not see the value in them. I think they just weren't necessarily like pretty much all of us. I grew up with physical copies of books and that was my experience and had no particular interest in hopping to the audiobook realm. Now, the fact of the matter is I can be prone to eye fatigue at times and so often the time that I have to sit down and read a book might be towards the end of the day
Binati Sheth
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They say in a book club you have decided we will feed X book and one week later we will meet and discuss the books. Authors are many people who struggle to recall basic things about the physical book that they read. It's not to do with their cognitive abilities or any of those things. It's just some books you read actively and some you don't. So if you listen to an audiobook actively, you participate in active listening. I think it is the same as reading a book
Becky Butler
@bc75 · 3:09
And when we can tap into that when we're reading a book and use our own imagination, that is so powerful because nobody can create in your mind better than you who these characters are, who you see them to be, as opposed to who you are. And we judge things accordingly. But I do think reading a book is a far more intimate thing than listening to a book. It's just that where I have time and struggle and different things
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