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Curtis Tarver

 · 1w ago · 4:52

A Black Disney Princess? Impossible!

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"…But they brought up some things that I had not even considered about the live action Cinderella. Now, certainly we all know, of course, Brandy playing Cinderella as a black woman was already monumental, and of course, to Whitney Houston as the fairy godmother and a multiracial cast that in a lot of ways, was very much the post racial colorblind society. And that movie did a lot of things.…"

As Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid prepares for a nationwide release this weekend, a look at one of its predecessors.


Taylor J

@Taylor · 1w ago · 4:14

"…They want families and kids to see the movies and say, wow, I loved that. Or I thought that performance was excellent. They don't necessarily want them to watch something and think about the entire time, oh, well, how did they divorce this character from the race? They are in the original. I think there's also a very easy answer here. In the case of Disney films, most of them are fictional. They're not real.…"


karen bates

@czarinaofchaos · 1w ago · 2:24

First Black Disney Princess?

"…And she has since easily been integrated, no pun, into the Disney princess canon, because every year people are knocking on my door trick or treating and somebody is always dressed up as Tiana. So she has become a beloved part of Disney. I hope the same thing happens to Ariel.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Curtis Tarver

@cwt302 · 7d ago · 0:29


"…I appreciate you including your perspective from the piece that you did around the release of the Princess and the Frog and the cultural impact of the first black Disney princess then that continues to this day. I know that that's your beat. So it was great to hear your experience from when she joined the Princess canon. So thanks for chiming in and it is great to hear you over here on Swell.…"

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